Google doesn’t like this blog!

A PR update was in the works and I guess it has happened. And unfortunately it seems like this blog PR has dropped and dropped straight down to zero from a PR of 5.

I’m totally clueless how this has happened and am hoping this is only a transition.

Or will I have to wait for another three months?

Anybody have a clue on what I should be doing to get this straightened out?

Update: Seems like this is considered to be normal. Atleast according to reports from Blog Herald and zz Online Marketing.
Update 2: Matt Cutts confirms.

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12 thoughts on “Google doesn’t like this blog!

  1. Yup, it looks like you’re going to stay at PR5 for this export/update.

    Live PageRank check

    I wouldn’t worry about your PageRank too much though – It really has little effect on your rankings or anything else – it’s just a figure to brag with!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I really hope that advertisers don’t look it as bad…

    Editted the comment above. Was funny to see the /wp-content/ 😉

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