Got a golden ticket – am giving it away

Got another golden ticket for at another email address of mine.

Now, that ticket is pretty useless for me as I already have a blog out here.

It also expires in a week, so am willing to give it to anyone who can give me a good enough reason why.

But, please note that I do not know how the Golden ticket works and if you will be able to signup for with it (especially since you will have another email address than mine).

In case it doesn’t you can write to me an we can see what we can do about it.

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  1. I don’t really need it. But i’d like to have another blog, a little bit more secret, if you know what i mean. If you still have it, i’d love to see what happens.

  2. There are some guys who brag and some who brag-a-blog. I dunno how this dodo is so liked by one and all. But someone genuine and friendly, someone I’ve not even met. Don’t believe him if he says I harassed him into giving me a golden ticket. He thinks he is straight out of \”Charlie and the chocolate factory\”…or probably saw it during those days….lol!
    Anyways, he created a blog for me…and is my dear net pal. The Paranjoti Xmas choir concert he attended once upon a time, is what brought us on a comon chatting arena.God bless u Ajay…I’m so happy you have made me famous 😛

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