Got a Google Account? Join Orkut!

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From the very beginning Orkut has been invitation based. Inspite of that the number of users has increased tremendously and today it is one of the most popular Social Networking sites.

I remember one and half year ago there were no Firefox Extensions for Orkut except for the Orkut oolbar and when I searched the other day, there are a good number. I got hold of Orkut Scrapper recently.

Sign into Orkut with your Google Account

Anyway, back on topic, Google has finally opened up Orkut Subscription for all users. This means you no longer need to wait for an invite to get an account.
If you already have a Google Account, which is free to get, you can join Orkut.

Join Orkut now and check out my profile.

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9 thoughts on “Got a Google Account? Join Orkut!

  1. Hi nandhu,

    What makes you think that if you have an Orkut account you don’t have a life offline? We all have an excellent life offline.
    Orkut is a good tool that helps us keep in touch with a lot of my friends easily.

    And secondly, extensions are dangerous? What gave you that idea?

  2. Don’t really like MySpace, have an account there as well. Well, I’m protecting ajaydsouza 😉

    Did you click the link above? Well, if you still need an invitation then write to me and I will invite you.

  3. I found you page on my space,also added you has my friend. You wont believe this but I just payed $1.99 to buy an orkut invitation on ebay. If I had know earlier I would have just asked you for the invitation. Thanks anyway

  4. Damn! I should start selling Orkut Invitations :O

    I got one invitation today on MySpace. I assume it is you…
    Interesting ID 😛

    I do understand you attachment with MySpace, since you are based in the US and MySpace is primarily US.

    Though Orkut could be said the same, it’s main users are from Brazil, US and India.

  5. I?ve eagerly waiting for my orkut account. I?ve told one of my friends to invite me. So let?s hope that very soon I?ll be there to make lots of friend.

  6. I think orkut by keepng it open only on invitation has restricted many unwanted people out. Any serious person planning to join will definitely finds his way in. Now by opening it for gmail account holders, it has opened new way to join ORKUT.

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