Happy New Year

It’s 6pm on the 1st of Jan 2004, while I sit to update my blog. Why so late? This is because, I got a call at 10.30 to drop into college. More in the post above.

The reason of this post, is to provide an update on my fantastic New Year.

Let’s begin with the 31st.

I went to Nikhil’s place with Abhimanyu to work on the presentation for our project vivas. My mom called me around 5 pm to tell me I got a call from Sister Lima. I call her back and she tells me that she wants me to read for the Thanksgiving service before midnight mass. I ok it and went to Holy Spirit Hospital to meet her and pick up the readings.

Next went off to pick up my sexy new trousers which were ready just in time for New Year’s mass. I got ready and went off for mass.

We started the Thanksgiving service a bit late, and I did my readings, which went off rather well (IMHO).
Next was mass which was said by a very fabulous, young, energitic prient named Fr. Gilbert Lima, who gave a beautiful sermon on love.
Did I tell you that we were singing for mass? This went off rather well for me, inspite of not having gone for practise on Tuesday.

Next was the party at Earl & Vanessa’s place!

The entire choir was present at the party. As usual I went home first to leave my blazer and tie. Didn’t change into casuals because I simply loved what I was wearing, my new pant and the sexy lavender shirt which Melody gave me for Christmas. 😀

We entered into Vanessa’s place hearing the sound of lots of paper trumpets just a few minutes before midnight. We waited for the Lobos (i.e. Madam A’s family who walked in a little after 12) and then counted down to the New Year, which was brought in with screams and whistles and music to shake the building!!

This time we had lots of DJs, including Clayton, to play music for us and it started with our usual freestyle music. We moved onto jive tracks rather quickly and as usual I went and sat down (remember I can’t jive). I had hardly been seated for a few minutes when Havilah and Amita (Madam A’s younger sis) who pulled me up and insisted on making me dance.

After my usual protestations, they started to teach me to jive. Amita is a fabulous teacher and a great dancer. Runs in the Lobo family, though Madam A has never succeeded in teaching me till now (“I have no patience”, she said.)

Learnt quite a bit of jive (though there is lots more to learn) and danced for a long long time, mainly with Amita, a little with Havilah and a little with Madam A. I actually started leading, so the beginning was really good. Thanks a lot Amita.

Next we had the slow songs, and as usual pulled Madam A on the dance floor. She’s a perfect partner for me (she’s going to really freak out when she reads this), as her height matches mine nicely and then again, she’s an awesome dancer. I got a lot of learning to do there. Need I say that she looked simply gorgeous tonight, as she normally is.

The party went on till 4 am, though we stretched it beyond 4 by having two last songs. Madam A refused to dance at first as she was tired and sleepy (When isn’t she!!). But I convinced her enough to dance with me for the last two songs.

Yes, I do dance with others. Besides Madam A, I also danced with Amita, Marilyn and Havilah.
Let me also comment on the boys, without whom the party would not have been as much fun. Allwyn stayed the whole night, inspite of having exams on the 2nd. Clayton finally danced instead of being DJ. Elton and James are the most demanded guys, especially for jiving, as they are simply fabulous at it.

I reached home after the party at 4.30 am and finally dropped
off to sleep by 5.00 a

m. Not as late as the New Year three years back when I slept at 6 am. But I had a simply FANTABULISTIC time:O. I had an awesome time at Christmas and New Year far outdid it.

Read for the thanksgiving, learnt to jive properly finally, partied all night long and had a great time. Who said the best things in life are not free?

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