He gave his heart to His valentine

My Valentine

He gave his heart to His valentine

“He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds”. (Psalm 147:3)

Levlyn was a very proud youth. He loved his heart and cherished over its goodness. Once Jesus appeared to Levlyn and asked him, “Levlyn will you give your heart to me?”

Levlyn very coolly replied, “I don’t want to give my heart to anyone”.

His friends visited him and asked, “Levlyn will you give a place to us in your heart. He said, “Sorry, I can not give any place to anyone in my heart”.

Then his teacher came. He asked Levlyn, “Will you give your heart to the music I teach, you will surely become a great musician”. Levlyn was unwilling. The teacher went away with a sad face.

A beautiful girl named Shiny happened to meet him. She asked him, ” Will you give me your heart?” Levlyn was fighting with his thoughts. Then atlast with a smiling face he said, “Shiny my heart is only for you. You own my heart.” Shiny was very happy. She played with his heart as she liked. She was so careless that the heart fell down and was broken to pieces. Levlyn was shattered. He was all alone in a pitiful state.

Jesus once again appeared to Levlyn and asked, “Levlyn, atleast now will you give your heart to me?” Levlyn could not control his tears. He felt unworthy. He said, “Lord my heart is broken, it is of no value now.” But Jesus Christ took the broken pieces and joined together and healed his heart. Levlyn surrendered his heart to the most lovable person , his Valentine Jesus.


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  1. Yup, you should make Jesus your first Valentine. The world comes later.

    That was also the talk of the prayer meeting yesterday.

  2. Ajay my dearest one! Wouldn’t have imagined the day you’d post something like this on your blog! You’ve come a long way…

    And btw, your sis darling (i.e. me) proposes to be your second Valentine this year 🙂

    Love you lots, you’re the best little brother in the world 🙂

    PS: You owe me a V day gift!

  3. Glad you liked the post.

    Haven’t you always been my valentine 😉

    Love you lots too big sister.

    Was the whole first three paras for asking for the gift?
    And aren’t you the elder sister 😛

  4. See I try to be nice and you’re just nasty back… stop picking up all my bad habits 😉

    And yes I’m the elder sis, now where’s my gift???

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