Home, N96, FSA and Luxury Marketing

The last two weeks have been busy, as usual.

Last week had a Software Project Management class followed by which I caught a Volvo to Mumbai to get away from the weekend long powercuts. Spend time with the special someone.

Came back to Pune and immediately got down to work with my FSA case. Was called away by my director to help restore the contacts on his Nokia N96.

After struggling for a good amount of time with trying to use Nokia Contact Manager to import the CSV file, I realized it was easier to do the transfer via Outlook Express and Nokia Sync. Everything went perfect.

Got back to Financial Statement Analysis yet again which took up the next two days.

Today, attended the first day of the Luxury Marketing symposium today. Well, I won’t be buying any Luxury brands for sure!

There’s yet another day of the symposium left. I also have my summer presentation to be made tomorrow. I’m already all set to go. 🙂

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  1. @Abhishek.
    I dont think so, i have seen many such products. but they have quality thats why they are costly and they are luxury products !!

  2. Yes, the Nokia N96 is a real luxury product. I bought my Nokia cellphone last week and it’s really great!! Maybe better than the apple iphone 🙂

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