How many domains do you own?

Came across this topic in the Performancing forums, which actually got me counting.

I directly own the following domains:

  1. My Blog –
  2. My WordPress Blog –
  3. Support Forum –
  4. My Photo Gallery –
  5. Sir Conan Doyle Online –
  6. I Sent This Greetings –
  7. WebberZone Web Solutions –
  8. WebberZone Hosting Solutions –

I’m sure I’m gonna go ahead and buy a few more as and when I need them. Got a few in mind as well. Though this post does make me realize I operate a lot of sites :O 😀

Update: Just added three more to the arsenal.

  1. WebberZone Support –
  2. WebberZone Template Solutions –
  3. WebberZone Business Solutions –

These are still a work in progress, but this is what I have in mind for them. As you will see the first two don’t point anywhere as of yet, while the last points to the .com

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