How not to get the ECNR

If you are looking for help in getting an ECNR, documents required, countries you need it for or for any thing else, this is NOT the place to ask. So, your comment below will not receive a reply.

One thing that pisses me off the most is the lack of organization. And government “organizations” are known for this.

I have to get the Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR) stamp on my passport.

Emigration Check Not Required [ECNR] stamp is not required for visiting Bangladesh, Pakistan and all countries in Europe (except the Commonwealth of Independent States) and North America. Protector of Emigrants can grant emigration clearance to certain categories of skilled/semi-skilled workers for a period of six months if application is made through authorised recruiting agent and there is a valid employment visa. In case, the person concerned is leaving the country for non-employment purposes, he can obtain suspension from emigration clearance for specified country and for the specified period from Protector of Emigrants.


As detailed on the website, the documents needed for ECNR are photocopies of your passport, attested photocopies of the “proof” that you are eligible for ECNR, in my case I’m a Graduate and originals of the same to show.

Firstly they don’t mention who needs to attest it. Only when you enter the passport office do you come to know that these need to be self-attested.

This is still managable. However, what is not managable is when you need extra documents.

On reaching the counter I was informed that I needed to have my Marksheet and I also need address proof.

I find both these requirements extremely stupid.
For one, proof of being a Graduate is the Convocation Ceritificate from the University. You only receive this if you are a graduate. Is a marksheet required in this case?

The only way to get your passport is after your address is verified and you go through a Police Verification as well.
For the ECNR, you have to submit your original passport to get stamped. Your address is clearly written on it. Why do you need address proof?

What’s even more stupid about the system is that the Ration Card is not sufficient address proof. It has to be accompanied by a bank statement or some other proofs.

I found out that these discrepancies, lack of information and total mismanagement are a bane for many visitors to the passport office. I came across atleast five to six persons who had to go home and come the next day because they fell short of these unneeded documents.

Well, it happens only in India! X(

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  1. lol… surprised you didn’t already know this… got my “check reqd” thingie cancelled off my passport the day I got my convo certi!

  2. Didn’t know what? I knew about the ECNR, haven’t had the time to go for it, so finally got down to doing this 🙂

  3. you can add Australia to the not reqd list as also singapore etc etc. but dint u recently go to middle – east? how come u did not have this problem then?

    ps. had to rewrite as failed to put in spam word. try something else, yea.

  4. From

    No emigration clearance is required for visiting Bangladesh, Pakistan, all countries in Europe(except the Commonwealth of Independent States), North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and South Africa.

  5. hi,
    when i was studying my engineering i got passport,in my passport ecnr checking not done. next week i have US business visa interview, now how update my data, what is there any problem because of this how to solve this critical situation, please help me

    dinesh babu

  6. H Ajay, Sorabh here. I found this article when i searched for ECNR on google. Great to get something from you. My brother, I hope you remember him, couldnt fly to Dubai, he came to know this at the immigration counter. Now he would be rushing to khira Nagar police station to get it done. THanks for the info you have provided. i would update this link on how easy/difficult it is to get ECNR!!!!

  7. Hi Sorabh,

    So, did he finally manage to get the ECNR? I never had to run to Khira Nagar, because I ensured that I get the ECNR stamped on my passport. The new Passports now don’t need this stamp or so I read out there.

  8. so that means in my passport ecnr is crossed i.e ECR and i dont need to make it correct from passport office.please reply ASAP……..

  9. I do not know if ECR is the same as ECNR. I don’t have that much experience in this field. Try contacting a travel agent or directly at the Passport Office. They are slow but helpful.

  10. hi,
    last week i went US visa interview at chennai, consulate officer gave pink colour slip for me under 221(g)pending Process.please clear me the pending process,when i can get my visa.normally why they give this colour slip and how mch time will take for issuing visa?

    Dinesh Babu

  11. Dinesh, I wish I could help, but I have no idea about US and the procedures for visa etc. This blog post was my experience at the Passport Office in Mumbai to get an ECNR.

  12. Ajay, Even i wanna apply for ECNR stamp. Whether we can get it from any passport office. I mean, i got the passport from Hyd passport office. Now i’m in Chennai. So, can i apply for ECNR in Chennai office? And is it necessary to pay the money by D.D or i can pay by cash? if u know, plz clarify these

  13. You can pay by Cash and I think you can get it from the Chennai office as well. But, I’m not sure of the procedure if you are not from the same place.

  14. I have the ECR (Emigration check Required) ticked on my passport and I need to get the ECNR stamp now. Through Google search I figured out that I need to get it done by POR (Protectors of Emigrants) but what I can’t find is what all docs will be required for it and can I get it done on the same day I go or I need to submit my passport at the POR office.
    Can u help me out with this? thanks in advance..

  15. Thanks Ajay.. Just one more thing.. The countries that do not require the Emigration clearence also includes Singapore? I know u have posted that before, but the problem is that the countries mentioned in my passport (which do not require ECNR) do not include Singapore. So for going to Singapore do I require an ECNR stamp?

  16. @Suresh, read the start of this post.

    @Kadambari, I don’t think you will get it on the same day, but you can try. The post has the details about the documents, also the link at the start.

  17. I have US visa interview on next week and I am taking my wife also with me for visa. Her passport doest not have ECNR. Is it required to travel US?

  18. Dear ajay i got my passport but their is a ECR stamp but i want a ECNR stamp on my passport but the problem is this i am only 12 th passed it is sufficient for ECNR stamp.

  19. @ Ajay, Pradeep
    I hold a passport issued by the Lucknow passport office when I was in college at Kanpur. However I am now in Hyderabad with parents and require the ECNR stamp. What residence proof would I need for this? My parents have recently shifted to Hyderabad and do not hold a ration card here.

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