Was browsing through the Site Point Forums today, and found a post by Kenneth Poulsen (username wide) offering 2 Gmail Invites in return that I post my invites at SPF itself, which seemed a good deal.

He sent me an invite and I signed up for Gmail. So I have my own email address with 1 GB space!
The thing looks good. Only thing is that you can’t delete your mails, though you can send them to Trash. Will evaluate this over time.

And of course like I promised, I will post my invites in the SPF 🙂

Clayton has been working on the Youth Grooves website and realized that he doesn’t have a host. So the kind Ajay gets him his host as a subdomain of my account at Ashst.com. Of course, he does promise to buy me the IndiBlast pass which the youth are organizing on 15th August. We shall see…

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  1. Like I said, my invites go to the Site Point Forums. If you are a member of it, you would be able to manage it.

  2. You can delete your conversations in GMail. Just send them to trash & then click the trash link on left. There you’ll see the conversations that you deleted. Select them & from drop-down, select \”delete permanently\”. There you go, your emails are deleted forever. 😉

  3. Cool:smile:
    This is great news to me. Don’t have email there, so didn’t know about it.
    I can use Gmail full fledged now 😉

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