I have been busy…

Haven’t had much time the past week to actually sit down and patiently blog.

So what have I been busy with?


For one, a good portion of my day has gone in studying. It can be both fun and frustrating at times!

My study partner came over one day and I went to her place the next day. Her mum cooks well 🙂


Besides the studies the rest of the day has been spent working on my new VPS. Once again I have decided to plunge into the world of VPSes. The last time I tried it out, I faced with much failure.

Gave up the idea of VPSes, but after the scam called Webhostplus (which took over Netbunch) X(, I was on the lookout for a good Reseller Plan or VPS. Always must have your sites spread out.
After a great deal of research I settled with Future Hosting.

Guess the bad luck of VPSes has followed me out here as well, because the the node on which my VPS was on gave some problems and my VPS in particular decided to act up!
The support out there (let me mention Vik in particular) were quick to act on this. Even better that a new VPS created for me on another server.

I’m back online again. Will be moving this blog there soon.

And this will be the new home of WebberZone.

And exams

Gave the AIMCAT this Sunday. Turned out to be a 180 mark paper. What I really like about T.I.M.E. is that every paper so far has been a surprise. This is really getting me mentally prepared to expect just about anything from the CAT.

The paper was good. Actually did a good deal of solving in DI. Verbal was a bit difficult and did run out of time for Maths.

Results are out Wednesday evening so will come to know how I stand.

So, that is how life stands currently.
Will try and keep this blog a lot more updated with my personal life. Also need a lot more pics online.

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  1. Well..even I had frustrating experience with VPSs.Next time you plan of switching check out http://www.bluehost.com. $7/mo for 30gigs space with usual perl-python-php+ROR!!! and 750gb/mo of data transfers. Ofcourse its not a VPS but good enough package I think.They have a good referral program too!

  2. All u want is free food, thts Y u must be hopping on to ur study partners house all the time haan?? Aint I right???
    But its good that Ur studies are going well. I hope mine too go well 😉

    What on this EARTH is VPS????? Elaborate

    I think this much updation is sufficient enugh abt ur personal life, unless obviously if u wish to write more.

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