I’m going to be an MBA!!!


Finally have great news to give on the MBA front.

I’ve been selected for the 2007-2009 batch of SCMHRD!

Taking the offer and I shall be in Pune for two years 🙂

Thanks to all who have kept me in their prayers…

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  1. Ajay,

    Congratulations! I’m curious as to how far Pune is from your current residence. Considering that India is rather large, I assume you could be moving a rather long ways.

  2. Thank you Dean. I think Pune is around 160 KMs from Mumbai. I will have to move there permanently for those two years. It is a big move considering I’ve spent my entire life in Mumbai!

    The joke is that it takes two-three hours to get from Mumbai border to Pune. It takes another two-three hours to get from Mumbai border to my home in Mumbai (40KMs) in rush hour traffic.

  3. hey there..HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS..!!! 🙂 I am really delighted for you! Your hard work has finally paid off!! All the very best for the future..!! So when does the term begin??? 8-X

    Really glad for you 😉

  4. how will we keep in touch wit u?? Will u continue blogging???? hope u do 🙁
    will really need ur guidance for this years mba exams…:)

  5. The joke is that it takes two-three hours to get from Mumbai border to Pune. It takes another two-three hours to get from Mumbai border to my home in Mumbai (40KMs) in rush hour traffic.

    Reminds me of Beijing 🙂 I was there 4 times last year and have never seen traffic like it!

    Well done by the way! Study hard and have fun.

    Best Regards
    Chris Bloor Lismore Australia

  6. Ofcourse I’m going to continue blogging!

    You’re don’t need my guidance… you’re definitely better off than me.

    And, to keep in touch, I use all the messengers available right now!

  7. Congrats Ajay, With a little more resistance, you can leave a mark on the face of this planet. Please continue blogging (and ofcourse, Reading Blogs Hahah)

  8. Congratulations, Ajay. Best of luck to you in all your endeavours. I’m sure you won’t need luck, though. 😀

  9. Congrats & good wishes for you!
    Pune is not that far. Atleast by train. Some people do this travelling daily, so you can visit Mumbai on a weekend if time & conditions permit.


  10. hey there..so going for ur other gd/pis??
    well i do need ur guidance..i mean i m still far from clearing anything that is remotely related to MBA. 🙁
    so how was the weekend..must hv celebrated with family n friends..!! Once again CONGRATS & GR8 job.. 😉

  11. so how was it? btw i guess Scmhrd is definitely higher ranked than XIM?? So even if u do clear it, i hope u go for SCM. 🙂

  12. @Reshma, Thanks a lot 🙂

    @fruityoaty, Thanks a lot, I don’t really believe in luck, though 😉

    @Parag, From what I’ve heard, coming down to Mumbai won’t be so regular mainly due to the schedule. Let’s see…

    @Luna, I’m giving the XIMB GDPI as well. Let’s see how that goes. And you really need to go for yours as well! Weekend was with the CET 😐

  13. From what I read XIMB placements last year were around 10L, while SCM was 7-8L. Still, going to check how things work out.

    As of now, I’m joing SCMHRD.

  14. Sorry to enter your conversation, but I would like to correct Luna on his views about B-School rankings. XIMB is definitely above SCMHRD across parameters. SCM being ranked higher than XIMB is a gross mis-statement. I say so from my experience of choosing a right B-School for myself a year ago and it was then that I and many more students from XIMB had dropped SCMHRD, NMIMS, and IMT-G to join XIMB. And trust me, none of us regret our decisions.

  15. Hi Vivek, Thanks for the comment. This is a discussion, so feel free to drop in 🙂

    Glad to have an update of XIMB and such a positive feedback. Well, I do hope I get in!

    BTW, how did you find this?

  16. Hey so hows life! dunt know if u recollect who i am !! 🙂

    happend to activate google alerts for spjimr and thence read abt ur calls!!

  17. Hello Ajay,

    I’m heading the Media & PR Cell of XIMB so its my duty to be aware of isuues related to XIMB and what people feel and think about the institute, and if possible inform them about the true picture of what XIMB stands for. 🙂

    All the best for your XIMB GD/PI!

  18. @MAD, well, with Sunday’s paper… JB seems a little far away 🙁

    @Daisy, did, surname was different… ajaydsouza.com lands up on Google Alerts? … interesting

  19. Hello MAD,

    If Ajay has any queries related to GD/PI of XIMB then he can get in touch with me or his mentor (each XIMB call getter has been assigned a mentor for guidance and assistance for the GD/PIs).

    The general tip for a typical XIMB PI is to remain calm and be prepared for a stress interview!

  20. @ Vivek, firstly everyones entitled to a view so..whether correct or incorrect..is for the individual to perceive. secondly, u may be doing too well with an XIM degree, no probs.. but u cant decry other colleges. and NMIMS is 100% above XIMB..!!

    @Ajay – my best wishes for you to clear XIM as well.

    At the end of the day if u work hard ..ur never going to regret any decision u make…!!

  21. @ajay: one of the key factors for me: Placements n i will just use the 2007 figures.

    XIMB- Highest Domestic : Rs. 12.75 Lakhs by JP Morgan
    Average: 8.77 Lakhs Per Annum
    Total Number of Companies on Campus : 63

    NMIMS- Highest Domestic : Rs 14.25 lacs p.a
    Average: Rs. 8.85 lacs p.a
    Total Number of Companies on campus: 79

    IMT-Ghaziabad: Highest Domestic : Rs. 17 lacs p.a
    Average: Rs. 9.1 lacs p.a
    Total Number of Companies on campus: 81

    @Viveck: all this data is obtained from the official websites…i hope they are not GROSS MISINFORMATIONS!! 😉

  22. vivek, i really appreciate your dedication to ur college and respect your choices. i do not wish to get into all this debate..if u want i can send u the details of nmims and imt-g, hv friends studying in both of them.

    At the end of the day whats important is how u perform wherever ur studying and i wish that u excel at XIM. As for me, i stil hold good my opinion of prefering NMIMS & IMT over XIM any day anytime!!! 🙂

    IMT: Area: 14acres of lushgreen area;
    Library – Open round the clock, the Library offers its students a rich resource of books, project reports, annual report, bound volumes of journals, CDs, Audio-Video as well as subscriptions to over 185 print periodicals with E-Databases. & many more..
    All types of sports are encouraged. International exchange programmes are also there!! IT facilities etc.

    All the points u hv mentioned for XIM are applicable to both IMT-G and NMIMS.. so plz lets drop this debate..and tell us more abt the kind of life ur leading inside the mba college?? are u a person with work ex?? what subject u specialising in??

    some tips abt gd/pi…!

  23. Well am an outsider to the discussion but I am too tempted to give my two cents abt it all…

    I am presently in SPJIMR and from my opinion there are only 2 things which matter when you choose a B school

    1. Placements : and these are not highest or average figs from the websites but also details of profiles and companies coming on campus. All figures on websites are PR value for a B school and are misleading, so choosing or rating one B school over another purely by placement figs is a highly skewed rating.

    2. Peers : One year down the lane when i look back, wht matters is how good are the peers arnd u, wht diverse backgrnd do they come frm and how much cna u learn frm them…all in all i think u both will agree with me when I say that the maxm u can learn in a B school is thru ur peer network.
    So the better they are than you the much better u benefit.

    Honestly the rest of the factors arnt so important…campus size etc are infra issues, at the end of the day we are all doin an MBA for a fat package and a grt profile so the rest all is passe!!!

  24. @Luna, Thanks once again… I’ve never regretted any decision I have made ever, so I don’t think I will be starting now 🙂

  25. @ Luna – I never denied that any individual is not entitled to his/her views and you are no exception. I just came into the discussion to make you aware that many a times the perception is not based on rationale so wanted to throw a better light on things.

    I think its too ostensible on your part to say that NMIMS is 100% over XIMB b’coz had that been the case then so many people including me who had converted their NMIMS calls would not have joined XIMB. I understand that it is very much a debatable topic but would just like to state that when I did a comparative analysis a year ago, XIMB outranked NMIMS and hence I’m here today!

  26. I’m going to step in here and be a good moderator and interrupt a group discussion that may turn into anything else.

    I guess a lot of factors have to be considered while ranking a B-School. Also, many of them have a few plus and minus points and we need to really sit and average out all those factors, including personal choice and then decide the school.

    As for me, I’ve giving them all my best shot…

  27. But, Vivek, what were the factors you considered when deciding on XIMB last year?

    Also, Luna, what factors have you considered as well?

  28. I wish salaries would have been the only parameter to compare B-Schools. What is more important after an MBA is the profile that you get. Read the following article to confirm this:


    Regading GROSS or NET MISSTATEMENTS, refer to the following thread on pagalguy to get insights into the matter:


    Regarding why I chose XIMB over other B-Schools in the same tier, I would list the following factors that outrank XIMB:

    a. Physical Infrastructure ? 22 acres of campus in the heart of Bhubaneswar; greenery all around; excellent sporting facilities including a lawn tennis court, football court, basketball court, indoor badminton court, table tennis room, et al.; a 2-storey library which is open 24×7 (not most residenntial B-Schools have this facility leave apart non-residential B-Schools); air-conditioned amphitheatre classrooms.

    b. Academics ? rigorous course with a lot of practical exposure. (in-campus hostel adds to the rigour and learning)

    c. Faculty ? almost all the faculty members are PhDs in their respective areas and are into research and consultancy.

    d. Hostel facilities ? Rooms on SINGLE occupancy basis with adequate facilities (washing machine, mess remains open till 2:30 am, coffee vending machine, etc).

    e. IT Infrastructure ? The complete campus is wi-fi enabled. Literally, you can do your assignments and submit them online sitting with your laptop in the loo.

    f. Industry interaction ? People from the industry keep visiting the campus to share their experiences and provide suggestions for self-grooming.

    g. Smaller batch size of just 120 students makes the environment more conducive and provides a better opportunity for students to interact with the faculty.

    h. Placements ? Students getting the desired profiles and the packages.

    i. International exposure ? participation in International Conferences and exchange programmes.

  29. That’s great… can you tell me more about the course and the life out there in SCMHRD?

    I just got the letter today which I will be signing and sending back with the DD etc.

  30. Yes, the issue is very debatable so its better to put a period.

    Life’s really hectic at XIMB (so is the case at almost all residential B-Schools). Classes, quizzes, presentations, projects, extracurriculars all give you very little time for sleep.

    The environment is highly competitive here be it acads or extra-curriculars. This makes life all the more difficult as well as interesting.

    I’m a graduate in commerce and have also completed my CA-PEE-II. Was in my family business (iron & steel manufacturing and trading) for around 13 months. PLanning to specialise in Finance & Systems. Have my summer internship in ICICI Bank (Mumbai H.O. – BKC) on a project in Corporate Finance.

    Regarding GD/PI tips, I would say that all you need to do is be your true self, keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the indian as well as global scenario, be thorough with your acads, and be confident. At XIMB, a candidate is judged on the folowing paramenters:

    -Leadership qualities
    -Communication skills
    -Ability of comprehension
    -Positive attitude
    -Team Work
    -Logical thinking

    I think most other B-Schools would also be following almost similar parameters.

  31. Thanks for the details Vivek. I’m a bit rusty when it comes to current affairs, but well, I think I can manage the rest. Time will tell…

    I haven’t contacted my mentor as she has done a good job in briefing us in advance.

  32. hey vivek, thanks for the insight. its realy good to have peers who keep sharing their experiences. wish u all the best for ur summer internship. 🙂

    hey ajay whens the mcet results?

  33. nope, was wondering if the CET result is so late, how does somaiyya use MCET for its gd/pis? i mean i got shortlisted in somaiyya alerady thru CAT; so will a separate list come out for those who clear M-CET?

  34. That could possibly be the case. Are you going for the GDPI or still not going?

    Btw, do you check this email 😛

  35. hi
    the discussion regarding nmims and ximb was quite fascinating.
    i have been to both the places at some point or other and the biggest turnoff regarding nmims is the college atmosphere, it looks like an under graduate college where people have come to have fun…as far hostel is concerned nmims does not have any hostels but the college do provide appartments to students near the college. the plus points at nmims is the diversity of companies that come for placements.
    Ximb on the other hand feels like a b school with great infrastructure…the admissions criteria being xat which is felt by many as tougher than cat gives it the elititist status and moreover it is next to xlri as far as preference to xat institutes are concerned.Most of the good students prefer xat than nmat( i think i got it right).The companies that come for placement here are IT companies i.e the diversity is less…

  36. HI
    It was interesting reading your NM vs XIMB debate and Vivek made quite a few good points. I have converted my NM call and am currently awating the XIMB results and am hopeful for the same.

    I agree that infrastructure is a bottle neck in NM what is however good about NM is that the course structure and environment is not rigidly structured. That works wonderfully for some and backfires for many. If you are not self motivated then NM may not be the place for you!

    Another factor in favour of NM would be Location, Location, Location!!

    Still am open to more inputs about XIMB to finally make up my mind.


  37. Congrats, Somit for converting NM & all the best for the XIMB results, which would most probably be declared on the 24th.

    Many people feel that location is a deciding factor but I would like to mention a few specific examples which would provoke you to contemplate on this issue.

    Would anyone dare to go and study in Jharkhand? But still people (students as well as companies) go to XLRI. Similar is the story for IIM-K, IIM-L, & IIM-I.

    Ponder over it and pour in your views! 🙂

  38. Hi All,
    Quite an enlightening discussion going on.I’d like to first offer my congrats to Ajay for converting SCMHRD.I have also made it to the 2007 batch of SCMHRD:)..But am in a quandry as I have also converted XIMB..

    Now Vivek and rest,could u please offer me insights into the differences in culture between XIMB and SCMHRD?

  39. @Bibhu, thank you 🙂

    I’ve been waitlisted at XIMB. I didn’t even know they had 101 people on a waitlist!

  40. @Ajay..CONGRATs for XIM..lets hope the WL is realised at the end!! Lets assume that it does..what are u gonna do?? XIM or SCM??
    one of my friends..has a call from NM and is waiting for the mdi/spj results.doesnt know which to chose…can anyone guide plz!!!

  41. @ Ajay

    Probably you’ve mis-typed my name assuming the post was meant for me!

    Yups, there are 120 seats and an equal no. of candidates are waitlisted.

  42. @Ajay, but nm last date is april 2nd..he stil doesnt have the mdi/spj results with him!! going thru horrible confusion rite now!!
    what happened to ur mcet??

  43. Hey Ajay

    Congrats on getting into SCMHRD. I have too. Even I have sent the signed acceptance letter alongwith the DD. Subsequently have u received your confirmation letter post-verification of your certificates ? The scm website says the online course starts on the 1st of April but I havent heard or received any confirmation letter from them. Wondering what to do ! There is no proper information on the website too regarding this. Do you have any idea?
    Pls let me know.

  44. Santhosh, I just received the letter yesterday. They have written that the course will start on April 1 and I will receive an email to that effect.

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