I’m in shock! No. 1 on Sitescore!

Seems like I seem to be boasting about my blog the past few days. Well, I have reason to 🙂

I wrote about being No. 2 on Sitescore about two weeks back.

Since then I hovered around 2-4. Today I was genuinely shocked and extremely delighted to see ajaydsouza.com at No. 1!

As usual, saved a screenshot for myself.

Number 1 on Sitescore

I’m followed in the number 2 spot by Andreas, who without doubt has an excellent website.

What is your score?
Calculate and let me know.

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8 thoughts on “I’m in shock! No. 1 on Sitescore!”

  1. The rank or the posts? Well, a good popular site, with loads of visitors and perfectly designed compliant code can easily get a good score.

  2. I really wish it were that easy 🙁

    Have a few hundred themes to release before I can get there 😉

    Also, did you notice that we no longer feature even in the Top 10 on Sitescore anymore because they have Google lookup problem. Kinda frustrating!

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