I’ve been really irritated these past few days.

Not just one thing in particular but a lot of things combined. For one my net keeps conking off every night. I thought the shift to Exatt would have helped, but seems far from it X-(

Next, I found out that I forgot my bag and tiffin box in the bus on Friday. On Monday found out that people even rob rundown bags and dirty tiffins!
On the brighter side, Mom bought a new four-tier hot case today. 🙂

Few other personal reasons, I won’t mention here have been a cause for stress.

Haven’t been keeping too well lately. I guess I need more sleep. As a result, skipped choir practice on Monday and the prayer meeting on Tuesday.

Adding to all this finally my Nokia headset and the speakers on my computer have conked off. I can understand the speakers as they are over five years old.
But the headset is three months! And it isn’t just me who has noticed this. You pay a bomb for a cell phone and get such a crappy headset. Have borrowed the headset that my brother is using and given him a similar new headset which my dad bought me.
Guess Nokia realized their handsfree weren’t selling so decided to make crappy ones?

Thankfully, work has been fun. Begun working on another project as well now, which is taking up a good amount of time.

Now, that I have blown up some steam. There was lot more steam to blow as I thought about this entry on my way home. But, have cooled down a bit.

Am going to bed now!

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