It’s Party Time

Had planned on getting to bed by 9.30pm yesterday, but well everytime doesn’t always happen to plan. This time I am not complaining 🙂

Went over to U. Conrad‘s place for the birthday celebrations. I realized that I had reached there a bit too early because most of the others actually turned post 9pm (that’s called Indian Stretchable Time).

Jived a good amount until I was exhausted, then rested a while and jived some more 🙂

After a round of singing we descended upon the dinner. A. Anita‘s cooking is fabulous as usual.

Reached home only around 12pm and immediately hit the bed. Had a great deal of problem waking up today.

Rained a bit in the morning just when I was leaving home.

I had a good deal of work to do today. Am really zonked now… so plan on hitting the bed real early.

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