I’ve been tagged…

Luminus made it a point to Tag me. I normally hate these tagging games and looking at the information I have to fill in…!

Anyway, here goes:

Four jobs you?ve had in your life

  • Design Engineer
  • Design Executive
  • Web Designer and Developer
  • Forum Moderator and Administrator

The first two were almost the same, I got promoted 😉 And the last was a non-paid job.

Four jobs you wish you had

Now this is a difficult one.

  • A Problogger
  • CEO of some top IT Firm
  • Alladin’s Genie (This is dig at Luminus’ dream job)
  • God!

Four Movies you can watch over and over again

  • The Matrix Trilogy (this is three 😛 )
  • The LOTR Trilogy (three again)
  • The Grudge
  • The Pirates of the Carribeans (two so far)

Four Cities you have lived in

  • Mumbai, India
  • Muscat, Oman
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Khandala-Lonavala, India

Four TV Shows you love to watch

  • Friends
  • CSI
  • Everybody Loves Raymond
  • The X-Files

Four places you?ve been on vacation/travelled to

  • Muscat, Oman
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Nasik, India
  • Khandala, India

Four Websites you visit daily

Four of your favorite Foods

  • Pizza
  • Tandoori
  • Chinese
  • Idlis

Four Things you won’t eat

This is a tough one, because there are a lot of things I won’t eat. Topping the list would be vegetables, but I don’t have an option on that one 🙁

  • Dog (borrowed from Luminus)
  • Grass (I may eat vegetables but I am staying out of this)
  • Shit (borrowed from Luminus again)
  • Anything else unedible

Four things you wish you could eat right now

Exactly as my list of favorite foods 🙂

Four things in your bedroom

  • My bed
  • Cupboards
  • A Writing Table
  • Laundry

Four things you wish you had in your bedroom

I couldn’t ask for anything here 😀

Four things I?m wearing right now

I shall pretend I’m dressed for the occasion

  • My jeans
  • My Kurta (gifted by that special someone)
  • My Reebok Shoes
  • My bro’s CK Watch 🙂

One Place I’d rather be right now

Muscat, Oman holidaying

One Fictional Place I’d rather be right now

Some place really surrounded by technology

Four people you?d really love to have dinner with

  • My Special Someone
  • My Darling Sister
  • Al Pacino
  • Ms. Jolie (note how I skipped the r 😉 )

Four Things I am thinking right now

  • How many more things do I have to fill!
  • When will you buy your domains from WZDomains?
  • Is my VPS alright?
  • The CAT is in less than three weeks 🙁

Four of your favourite things/people

  • My Computer
  • My Bike
  • My Folks
  • Food Glorious Food!

Four People I tag

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15 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged…”

  1. Al Pacino is simply one of the most amazing actors in my opinion.

    Then again I had to fill in four!

    As for the length of it, think about poor unimaginative me!

  2. Wanted to strangle you for tagging me on SUCH a long meme… then came to the:

    Four people you?d really love to have dinner with

    totally love you!


  3. So u think the job of a genie is really cool eh!! Try living in a lamp for a few hundred years, then we’ll have this conversation again. lol.

    Oh! and Pacino is definitely, absolutrely one of the greatest actors of all time.

    Sneaky li’l boy, I’m pretty sure Mr. Pitt won’t find that very funny.

    @Melody: \”Totally love you\” – how come nobody ever tells me that? :((

  4. Well, if the lamp is comfortable I wouldn’t mind 😉
    And it will need to have internet access as well 😀

    And you will need to find a cute girl and make her your sister before you get that \”Totally love You\” 😛

  5. @ Luminus: Ajay already answered your question to me perfectly!

    you will need to find a cute girl and make her your sister before you get that ?Totally love You? 😛

  6. Mr D’Souza,
    Whereabouts are you gonna find a lamp that has internet access, and comfortable is just outta the question.

    @Melody: If you weren’t such an adorable sweetheart, I’d have said you’re just a meanie. How hard is it for you to just humour me and say it to me too, or better still get a bunch of the cutest girls you know to come over to my blog and drop me an amorous line or two 😉

  7. You optimistic son of a gun, you. If you can find one that has WIFI and is comfortable to boot, maybe I’ll come visit sometime.

    But I won’t be bringing my Alienware Laptop though, I’ll just come along with my Nokia E61. That should just about cover it and space won’t be an issue…lol 😉

  8. Hey! if you don’t want me to visit, just say so.

    And I thought we were buddies. Now if you do find that perfect lamp, and you realise your internet is out…it’s because I’m jamming your WIFI signals.

    Sheesh…I’d bet if I was a girl, you’d be more than happy to let me come over. 😉

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