I’ve joined the OMNINOGGIN contest, have you?

My good friend Thaya announced his first blog contest two weeks back and with one day to go I decided to jump into the fray. Well, I’ve been busy otherwise I’d have jumped in on the day it was announced!

Joining the contest is extremely simple and you can increasing your probability of winning by just spreading the word. And, you have a little over a day to get this done.

How to enter

Here are the things you need to do to participate in this contest:

  1. Subscribe to the buytemplates.net newsletter.
  2. Subscribe to the OMNINOGGIN RSS feed.
  3. Open the OMNINOGGIN RSS feed it in your feed reader, scroll down to the footer section of this post, and write down the special code for this contest (it should be highlighted in burgundy)
  4. Comment on this post saying that you have subscribed to the buytemplates.net newsletter, subscribed to the OMNINOGGIN RSS feed, and make sure to include the special code for this contest.

This will earn you 1 entry into this contest!

Increase your chance of winning

After performing the above required steps to enter, you can increase your chance of winning by doing any of the following.

  • Stumble this post (+1 entry): Make sure you include your StumbleUpon user name along with the entry comment above.
  • Digg this post (+1 entry): Make sure you include your Digg user name along with the entry comment.
  • Vote this post up on Reddit (+1 entry): Make sure you include your Reddit user name along with entry comment.
  • Twitter about the contest (+2 entries): Make sure you include @madeinthayaland into your tweet and include your Twitter user name with the entry comment.
  • Blog about the contest (+3 entries): Make sure include the URL of your blog post in the entry comment.


I checked out the free templates you get with buytemplates.net newsletter and they are simply beautiful and definitely something I will use (with modifications, of course) on sites that I design.

If you want to know more about the prizes you can win, read the contest details.

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