Last Days in Muscat

Had no internet connection for the last few days in Muscat and so the delay in this post.

We had a small dinner at John‘s place on Friday the 23rd .

Food, glorious food!

It was a rather quiet dinner with a general talk.

We had an extremely late Thursday night and an extremely late wakeup on Friday morning (atleast for me). Dad was up by 6.30am and even visited the villa and got back with some stuff!

Went to Lulu to look for some electronic stuff, specifically an MP3 player and Dad got me the extremely sexy, fabulous Apple iPOD 30Gb

The Apple iPOD 30Gb

Also picked a headset for my phone, which I ended up leaving in Muscat itself!

We stopped over at the villa and picked up the computer and then got home and immediately assembled it. Got down to installing the iPOD and trying it out.
Am very very impressed by the iPOD and also its packaging. Like many dealers told my dad, “iPOD is after all an iPOD”

Woke up the next morning. The shifters came over to finish off the rest of the shifting. Also got the gas and the washing machine fixed.

And spent the rest of the morning with my iPOD. Dad came home for lunch and then went off to work again. Wanted to sleep but didn’t end up doing much of that.

Packed and got ready to fly home to Mumbai.

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