Leaving on a Jet Plane

Actually a Boeing 737.

Woke up by 3.30am (not that I got much sleep earlier) and quickly got ready to leave.

Mom insisted on coming with me to the airport (love you Mom) as I wasn’t too well. Spent a good half and hour standing in the checkin counter in a long line.
Got through immigration easily and spent the rest of the time in the final waiting area. Thankfully the flight was on time.

Surprisingly the food during the journey was excellent (considering at moment’s notice Dad was only able to arrange a flight on the low cost flight of Oman Air). It was also surprisingly short, though the landing was rather painful (for my ears).

What I have always loved about Muscat is the efficiency of their work. Additionally their customs’ officials never harrass you, unlike in Mumbai where all of the them after just waiting to make a buck. X-(

Collected my visa and passed through thier immigration in under 10 minutes (it can take half an hour in Mumbai, i.e. if you are lucky).

Had to wait a while for my baggage. The cough started to start up again rather badly as I waited in the cold airport terminal.
Had to wait just again for my dad who came to pick me up and then it was a walk in the hot sun to the car.

My dad’s got a sexy Chevrolet (lots of photos soon) and an even more amazing house! 😀

I’m going to enjoy my stay here, though I am still recovering from my illness.

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  1. yeah, the internal geek struggles to come out. hehe, hope u havin fun ajay. u went to oman and i came to india for a 3 week trip. damn hot here considerin its winter down under in aussie land. i m already worried if my system can take the change of weather again in such a short while. when r u comin back?

  2. @Melody, why won’t I get behind the wheel of a car? (disregarding the fact I am a poor famous person?)

    @Yash, I’m back on 25th. Don’t worry you will adjust.

    btw, I am not just an internal geek. I’m all geeky :-B

  3. I’m guessing my darling it’s because you don’t drive? Or is that not a good reason? Hmmm.

    Stop making this a wealth issue. You’re just a silly geekoid. You’ll be TRES wealthy one day, but still a silly geekoid.

    Oh well… I’ll try & help you with the last part (as usual)

    PS: 😛 on the famous, you big swollen head

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