Leaving…and the story afterwards

We are leaving work today at 3.00pm

What I wonder now is what time will I actually reach home.

I’m sure my internet at home is not working, so I may post feedback tomorrow…

The Skyline outside L&T ASC in Mahape
Not only was the internet down, but also the electricity in the area was turned off.

We left and I was able to get a nice picture of the skyline outside our campus as you can see on the right. (Hint: Can be used as wallpaper)

The journey home was quick because there was absolutely no traffic on the roads. BEST buses had stopped plying and most people were at home.

Had to walk home through flowing water from Seepz.

Having no electricity at home can make it extremely boring! We did get electicity back by 6pm. An uneventful and boring evening.

I did get down to loading music onto my sexy iPOD 30gb 🙂 I now have something to do when the electricity next gos.

The situation today is equally bad. It has been pouring right since morning and I am sure the situation today is going to be just as bad, if not worse.

Also there is no news of us leaving today, so I take it we will be off at normal time. A long journey home?

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  1. Is that a suburb of mumbai( the picture)?. Also, waiting for your pictures from your Muscat trip.

  2. I will be visiting Bangalore in September for work…will it still be rainy season? Hope you get internet access at home ASAP! Cheers.

  3. @Mario,
    Navi Mumbai isn’t a suburb, but actually a completely different city.
    The pictures are still not up because of the sick, pathetic, unprofessional, stupid, frustrating (…) internet connection at home.

    @Sunny, I’m hoping to get the net up by this weekend, then again Exatt sucks! X(

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