Let’s be friends

Yesterday was “Let’s be Friends” night at Wellingdon. Madam A had invited me for it and since besides her family other common friends were also there and cause my new craze is dancing, I decided to go along.

After a really tiring day at work, where we left only at 6.30 and really really very horrible traffic on the way home resulted in me reaching only past 8.30pm. Got ready and left immediately and made it to Santa Cruz in under 25min in heavy traffic!

Had been informed that it would end by 10pm so wasn’t expecting to get much. However, the program took place in the hall upstairs and so was able to continue well past 12am! 😀

Danced quite a bit as usual and played a few games (many of which were senseless). Met up with Madam A’s cousin Andre who is down from Canada.

Have plans to go out in the evening as well. Let’s see if they materialize.

Was so zonked this morning that I just switched off the alarm and went to bed. Mom woke me up around 7.10am and I had to get ready in 15minutes 🙁

There has been a major water problem in my area for the past few days. Got reports of a rasta-roko yesterday resulting in temporary supply. However, people are getting rather irritated by the whole deal. Sometimes, I think our municipality sucks!! But isn’t that the case all over X(

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  1. I wasnt invited 🙁

    hehe, hope u had fun. sure seems like it. BMC sucks? Well I wont comment on that , I just dont want to get started.

    Did u read about the 50k fine for drunk driving and making it a non bailable offence? Thats great, but they have also decided to bring that stupid antiquated law of having a license to drink. I am sure the pandus are going to have a field day implementing this. I am told you cant even carry liqour without this permit. Is license raj really over? shouldnt they just ensure that no one below 21 drinks rather than making every one get a \”license\” to drink!

  2. Well I am not really affected by the drinking license because I don’t drink.

    So, I haven’t even bothered finding out the details regarding it.

    I actual wonder how the cops plan on implementing this.

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