Life in four days…

Last three days have been rather eventful.
After a boring Sunday, when I slept at home all day, I finally went off to work on Monday.

Work was normal (read nothing special happened), but the journey back was interesting. Interesting because yet again our bus broke down. Ever since I have shifted back to the bus, I realize how much I miss my bike. Too many complains about the bus e.g. he drives like there are no ditches and speedbreakers, have heard the same music casette for the last two weeks, and have been feeling really suffocated and nauseous. But, my parents prefer me going by bus, so I guess I don’t really have an alternative to it.

Tuesday was better however. Since, I had to go for the prayer meeting in Bandra in the evening, I took the bike off to work. Reached there much much in shape:O And incidently, the bus didn’t come in the morning and so my other colleagues had to face a good deal of trouble getting to work.

Work was normal as usual and I left immediately at 6pm so that I could get to Bandra in time. Reached there by 7.10 because I catch the Eastern Express Highway and though the distance is more I reach there in the same time it takes me to reach home.

The prayer meeting was good. Short and sweet. I was used to much longer ones and the concept of a one hour meeting was good. After the meeting, everyone mixes with each other and so even though I am new I didn’t feel left out.

Was also invited by Arthur for his birthday party, so I got another opportunity to take the bike to work yesterday as well.

Had plans to go there directly after work, but realized that we didn’t have to get there before 8.30pm. So, made a quick stopover at home, changed, refreshed myself and then left for Melody‘s place.

Was a bit worried I would be zonked today but thankfully, the party wasn’t a heavy duty one. Had a short prayer session, sat and talked a while and jived a bit (I feel myself getting better ;)). Got home by 12am and was up by 6am.

But, had a good sleep in the bus today. Made my New Year resolution that if I have to travel by bus, I take good advantage of the fact that I can sleep. Have kept the resolution very well so far 🙂

Nikhil‘s sister Ritu collected my degree certificate from the University, so have saved myself the trouble of going there myself this weekend. So, can just pick it up from her on Saturday.

Have just finished yet another day at work. The day was rather fulfilling. Have been assigned additional responsibilities and I will begin working on our I/O Modules in addition to my original project. More fun and lots of learning guaranteed 😀

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