My personal computer problems may have been temporarily solved, but now comes another problem viz. my blog.

It’s been eating too much bandwidth and also badly slowing down the server. As a result my site had to be suspended, which has been pretty much the reason why my blog has been offline for the past two days 🙁

Am still working on the particulars and have done quite a few things to bring down the load.

Have also enabled hotlinking of my images and ip-blocked servers which have been hotlinking them.

My homepage still takes a lot of time to load. Have posted in WordPress Support forums.

If someone knows a solution please help!

Posting in the Support Forums helped. I started disabling all my plugins and found out that KG Archives plugin was causing 4500 queries. Load time also reduced from 20+ seconds to below 1 second. Guess, it just doesn’t agree with my site.

Things are stable now.

And, I did learn a good deal 🙂

Update: KG Archives has been updated since this post to solve the above problem

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