Major site problems

My personal computer problems may have been temporarily solved, but now comes another problem viz. my blog.

It’s been eating too much bandwidth and also badly slowing down the server. As a result my site had to be suspended, which has been pretty much the reason why my blog has been offline for the past two days 🙁

Am still working on the particulars and have done quite a few things to bring down the load.

Have also enabled hotlinking of my images and ip-blocked servers which have been hotlinking them.

My homepage still takes a lot of time to load. Have posted in WordPress Support forums.

If someone knows a solution please help!

Posting in the Support Forums helped. I started disabling all my plugins and found out that KG Archives plugin was causing 4500 queries. Load time also reduced from 20+ seconds to below 1 second. Guess, it just doesn’t agree with my site.

Things are stable now.

And, I did learn a good deal 🙂

Update: KG Archives has been updated since this post to solve the above problem

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  1. Oops sorry! Think I commented in the post below this one by mistake…

    Anyway, since I’m here – I don’t think there’s a word called “babblings”, plural of babbling is babbles & both sound equally dumb…. just remove the tagline altogether

  2. Thanks for telling me about the KG Archives problem. I have fixed it now and is only generating 4 queries regardless of the number of posts and categories you have. It is available here.

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