Making SK2 and WP-Cache play together

I noticed today that WP-Cache wasn’t cleaning the cache whenever a new comment was posted.

I remembered that Everton had the same problem earlier and he had found a solution to it.

This didn’t seem to be an isolated case and it can be pinned down to Spam Karma 2 and WP-Cache not playing well together.

However, Priv has a solution in the form of a SK2 Plugin.

  1. Simply download the plugin and dump it in your sk2_plugins folder. You’ll find this in the main SK2 folder.
  2. Goto Options > Spam Karma 2 once to make sure SK2 recognizes the same. It also helps you verify if it has been setup correctly.
  3. Flush the Cache via Options > WP-Cache

I’m going to evaluate to see if this solves the problem. If you’re using SK2 and WP-Cache, then I suggest getting this installed.
If you have already done so, give me your feedback on the same.

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  1. WP cache doesnt work that good if you have a lot of scripts involved.It works a little better on mine but i thought of like it will give a hyper speed….

  2. @Doug, This is believe is the main issue, because I have only seen this problem when I post a new comment, which is infact the only dynamic thing that happens to the site I guess, other than me making a post. So well, it could be hard to pinpoint.

    @Ashish, the more dynamic your site the greater the problems you could face with WP-Cache. Honestly, the only reason I am using it is because of the Translator plugin.

  3. GG translate wont take much memory as far as i think.When i was using other translation i could see how slow my page loads but with this its fast.Do tell guys how it worked.

    what is this eAcclerator vps and apc can you guide?

  4. I’m going to try GG translate as well as neither Global Translator or Angsuman’s work on my site anymore.

    How’s your server load these days? Why don’t you install APC? You probably won’t need other caching if you do this….

    PS you need to move the spam box with the other fields. It’s not intuitive where it is – I only had eyes for the submit comment box and had to write this comment twice

  5. I already have eAccelerator installed on the VPS.

    I’m still have the same memory usage since the past few days. I will come to know the true results if I do get dugg or something.

    Let me know how GG Translate works for you. I might shift if you have good results.

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