Mass, Kababs and a Disaster

Went for the regular Sunday mass at Ghala church. Didn’t stay for the prayer meeting as Dad had to come home and pack (he is shifting).
And I forgot to carry the camera, which means I couldn’t take any photos of the church!

On the way home we stopped off at a kabab place to pick up great kababs and parathas, which took care of our dinner and my lunch.

Woke up at 10.30am today, watched a bit of TV and went to sleep again to wake up post 2pm, lunch time 🙂

That’s when disaster struck. I was having a nice peaceful nap and my only pair of specs decided to come under me and break! :((

Have to get it repaired today or tomorrow, because without them I am blind as a bat!

To make matters worse, today is the bible study, so I am wondering if Dad will find the time to go to an optician.

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  1. What do u mean blind as bat? Whts ur number?? Am I the only person in the family with perfect vision hehe sorry couldn’t resist..

  2. specs are real expensive here. I’m kinda worried coz of that.

    I have managed to wear them with just handle. Since they were tight, they kinda stick to face without falling!

  3. hmmm….what a devious pair of specs you have….them creeping under u while u were asleep…Shameful, i tell u!! Where’s the decency?!! i mean, if they wanted a make over, the least they could have done was asked!! 😉

  4. Tell me about. Caught me totally unawares.

    But my new contact lens were just waiting to happen. I may actually go into using monthly always.

    Am back in Mumbai, so will get my specs repaired (hopefully)

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