MBA Update…

I wish I had all good news to give but… here’s a short update on the status of my MBA admissions.

SCMHRD – Awaiting results on 24th Feb
FMS – Reject
SPJIMR – Reject
CET 2007 – Written Exam on 25 Feb, GDPI on 24 May.
XIMB – GDPI on 12th March.

Well, from the looks of this I’ve got three options. I’m hoping they work out.

Please keep me in your prayers.

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  1. hey thats gr8 finally XIMB call has arrived!! All the best..:) as for me, din attend IMT GD/PI, neither gona attend others. have given up for the year, plan to start afresh from march.

  2. @MAD, thanks for your feedback but am feeling miserable already with a pathetic quant score. With the 3 yrs workex i cant settle for the kind of calls i have got, somaiya, imt, imi, nirma, tapmi. i m really kicking myself for the pathetic quant scores. btw u working??

    @Ajay, well all the best for ur results dude! btw heard scmhrd has a lot of competition. most of the guys had a gud performance.

  3. err ajay sorry for the incomplete sentence, most of the guys i know who attended the gd/pi had a gud performance. All the best for the positive results..!! 🙂

  4. i dont have any such misconceptions..that i m made for iim. but nothing wrong in trying rite? well my dream insti is XLRI-HR and not IIM. i wasnt just serious abt my preps this year.nyways y cry over spilt milk.;)

    u are working?? never knew that..:( so where u working?? one of my friends just passed out from SCMHRD this year. well, lets all pray for the best..!

  5. Well, I hope I get through.

    Btw, I have had over two years work experience and thought the same thing. At times, we need to realize that maybe we aren’t made for the IIMs.

  6. Didn’t mean to say you did, but I sure did. Learnt it the hard way 🙁

    Well, I do hope you go for all the GDPIs.

    I was with Larsen and Toubro Ltd. for two years before quitting in August. Now, I’m professionally blogging.

  7. seriously ur doing a swell job at blogging!! 🙂 kewl! 8-X so all set for the M-CET?? hope u get a gud score for JBMIS..!! u know had thought abt quitting for CAT last year but glad din do so..!! else would have been scrambling for a decent job..! 😉

  8. Torrent Power Limited, Ahmedabad. Its a power generating, transmitting and distributing company. Its been 4 years of working. The mba bug bit me quite late so hv started off quite late. Had a golden chance this year which i royally blew..!!
    So hv u ever come to Ahmedabad??
    Don’t worry i m sure u will fare well in ur MCET. 🙂

  9. Where are you working?

    I quit for CAT and all… and you know the stories 😐

    I hope I get a good score too, but exams just don’t seem to be my cup of tea 🙁

  10. Well, you have a great deal of experience, so that is a major plus point. I still hope you take the GDPI sessions, atleast for the practice point of view.

    I haven’t been to Ahmedabad, though I do have two friends from there.

    I hope you’re right about MH-CET

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