Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi

A delayed but short follow up.

The only idea I’ve had about Hindu marriage procedures is the little that I have seen on Bollywood. I haven’t been to that many Hindu weddings, though I definitely have seen more of those than Catholic ones in the last year or two!

Unfortunately, nothing has changed. I still know the same as I did earlier!

Nikhil’s sister had the Sangeet last Saturday, two days before the wedding on Monday.

The wedding and the reception were held at Crystal Springs in Bandra. I haven’t been there before and have heard mixed reviews of the place. Though, seeing the size of it I really wonder how Catholics have their receptions there, because if you have anything more than a 100 folks and the place will get crowded. Hey, we do dance a lot out there 😉

Anyway, reached there only post 9pm, much against the original plan. On the way there I realized that I wasn’t carrying my house keys (though now I’m not so sure that was the case) and so I just rushed back home around 10.30pm to ensure that I wasn’t locked out 🙁

No pictures unfortunately. The short stay there coupled with eating ( 😀 ) and gift-giving left time for little.

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