More Chauffeuring

So began Saturday, like any other day.

Dad and I set off towards Mahin at a clinic there. Reached there well on time, waited a while, finished the tests and set off towards my grandmom‘s place.

Just as we reached St. Michael’s Church signal, the skies opened up and let down their blessing!

A direct consequence was that we were totally drenched (atleast waist below) and I hate getting wet when I am out!!!

Spent a good part of the next two hours drying my clothes (besides lunch) and it was off again to the clinic.

And yet again as we neared St. Michael’s Church signal, it started to drizzle. Thankfully this time it didn’t pour!

Made a brief stopover at my grandmom’s place again to collect some stuff before we headed home (made another stopover in Andheri on the way back).

Was so tired after all the roaming that I have been doing lately that I just came home and crashed.

Awoke for dinner and some computer time.

Had the SNAP-MOCK today. The SNAP seems to be a lot easier paper to attempt than the CAT. However, one problem is the General Knowledge and Current Affairs section. This means I have a lot more newspaper reading to do, especially Indian news.

Went for mass in the evening, which was quite good today.

Met up with a few pals after mass before heading home.

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