Moved to a Virtual Private Server

Like my upgrade to WP2.0.2, this was another inevitability.

Like I mentioned earlier, my host had begun to complain about me loading their server.

I guess I’m not the only one facing a similar kind of problem. Andreas too had to move to a VPS recently.

After a great deal of research and debating. Research to find a good host and debating because now I will be spending around six times as much money as of last week and fourteen times as much as of last month!

Well, I’m hoping my donations and ads are able to sustain this.

And I have grabbed this opportunity to offer cPanel Hosting plans through WebberZone Web Solutions. The site is under development, but you can contact me regarding the same.

The site movement is complete. Had problems with WP-Cache and my permalinks during the move. Everything seems to be fixed for now, however, if you find anything amiss please do let me know.

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