Movie Review: Tron Legacy

Once again, my movie loving self bore the sub-zero cold and trudged in 2 inch thick snow to get my first back to back movie viewing in London. The first on the list was Tron Legacy.

20 years back Kevin Flynn disappeared. Haunted by his fathers disappearance, Sam Flynn is unable to resist a signal from his father’s Arcade. When he does reach the Arcade he gets drawn into the Grid, a virtual world created by Kevin. Faced by fierce programs (led by an evil powerful creation) who will stop at nothing to kill them, father and son begin their quest to return to the real world.


Source: IMP Awards

Tron Legacy has a decent story line (however it is predictable at times). However, the real selling point is the special effects, which look simply amazing in 3D. The movie begins in 2D and changes to 3D the moment Sam enters the virtual world. From there, there is no stopping the excellent graphics.

I loved the background score. And, you also have the extremely gorgeous Olivia Wilde of the House (Thirteen) fame.

If you loved the original movie which rose to cult fame (I haven’t seen this one yet), this is definitely a must watch.

Rating: 7/10

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  1. Tron was absolutely amazing. I especially liked one the parallelism they used for Clue and the Creator. At the beginning of the movie, you see the Creator giving the speech to his fellow human beings telling them \”Our future is in there. Our Destiny is in there!!\” Then, later, you see Clue giving his speech to his fellow computer generated beings telling them \”Our future is out there. Our Destiny is out there!!\”. That very moment I was just like \”Wow. This is great.\”

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