Movie Review: Valkyrie

If it is a plot to kill Hitler, you already know how the movie ends, with failure!

However, you don’t watch Valkyrie for its ending. You watch it for the entire story line and the acting, both of which are excellent.

Valkyrie tells the story of Colonel Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise), the mastermind behind the plot, which the movie claims is actually a true story. The movie opens with Stauffenberg writing his journal with the voice narrating in German with English subtitles. I loved the transition from German to English and the fading out of the subtitles from that point on.

Stauffenberg’s camp is bombed and he is injured and so brought to Munich from Africa. By 1943, a good portion of Germany and a lot of both junior and senior officers in the German army were frustrated by Hitler and the mass murders perpetrated by the German SS. I had recently read Frederick Forsyth’s The Odessa File which talks about the SS and the ODESSA, so I did have a general knowledge of this.

So, in this movie, our good old Stauffenberg comes upon a brilliant plan of using the Walk

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