Mozy Remote Backup – Free, Automatic, Secure

Came across a new and free backup service called Mozy today. They say:

Mozy Remote Backup

Mozy is a secure, automatic remote backup service for any PC in any home or office. It’s simple to install and configure. No external hard drive, expensive subscription services, CD’s or DVD’s to burn. All you need is a broadband connection and you are ready to go!

All you have to do is signup for your free account and get 2Gb space to backup your files. They also offer a paid option of $4.95/mo where you get 30Gb storage space.

You need to download their software in order to store any files on their server. The software is extremely simple to use. It scans your PC for common files like spreadsheets and presentations, which you may want to backup (called backup sets). You can also select folders and files which you would like to backup. I have backed up my IE Favorites as a trial. Will now go on to backup all the sites that I have created to date 🙂
Backups can be scheduled automatically or at a fixed time.
To restore the sites you need to login to the web interface and select which files you want to restore. For a good deal of information be sure to read their userguide.

The free service is supported by their weekly newsletter that is paid for by advertisers.

Two good features about their service is 128-bit SSL support (to secure your data during transport) and 448-bit Blowfish encryption (to secure your data on their server)

One really cool thing is their referral program. You get 1Gb extra space for every four signups who use the program.

Read more and signup for Mozy (contains my referral code). Please use my referral code S54MXI when you are signing up for the service.

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  1. Neato, I signed up with Mozy shortly after their debut but never got to use the service due to the crappy link quality I have here.

    Downloads ain’t all that and imageine when u have upload bandwith that’s only half your download bandwith ~x( it takes ages to upload anything decent.

    I might give a go sometime though.

  2. I know what it is like to have pathetic speeds. Living with that for quite a while now!

    But Mozy seems really cool. You should give it a shot.

  3. try the online backup site

    They offer a seed load utility where if you have a bunch of data they will send you a USB drive free of charge, you backup the data to it with their software and then send it back to them free of charge and then they load it on their servers.

    Then you just increment what you change and they use a in-file-delta technology where only part of the file is backed up so even if you change a 100MB file it only will update the little part you change which makes is real nice.

  4. Johnson, this is an expensive solution when you compare other backup systems giving it to you cheaper.

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