My Computer hates me

Considering my HDD crashed about two weeks back and yesterday my PC shut off and now refuses to startup beyond poweron state, that is exactly what I am beginning to think.

Hopefully, the problem is not major. And I don’t have a backup of my data 🙁

Please, please, please God! Solve this problem for me.

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  1. Yes my dear…. this is a brilliant way of telling me that you’ve not done your work yet…..


  2. And btw fyi, the comments thingie is still giving the same error I told you about last time. Leave a comment for yourself to see.

  3. I have put up the WebberZone site for now.

    But, I have made some more changes and can’t upload it because of PC problems.

    Hopefully if they are solved by Saturday, I can get the site up by Sunday night after you give me the data 🙂

  4. Well, it has returned and I notice that problem in Firefox.

    Testing with IE now to see if the problem is still there or is it FF specific.

    If it gives an error here then I will try a theme change.

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