My Goa Trip

Well, it’s been two weeks since I got back from Goa and I’ve spent the last two weeks documenting the daily visits of Goa.

To sum up, my entire visit of Goa was fun. It was the first time that I went there, but I’ve learned how to get myself around it (hopefully)

Anyway, here’s the listing of the trip to Goa.

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12 thoughts on “My Goa Trip”

  1. I was following your posts for the Goa trip, I had been there some three years ago and it was absolutely thrilling.

    Hope to go down there once i get back home from US.

  2. I wish I could also go on trips like that, but I can’t just afford it. Maybe five years’ worth of savings ought to do it.

  3. Looking back and chronicling it all, did it make you appreciate it a bit more?

    Also, have you had any withdrawls? When I came back from my trip to Romania it was a bit odd being back for a while. Things are just so different here/there.

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