My Visitors are from USA

Ok, not all of them, but a great chunk of them are. Alexa recently updated their Traffic Stats page to include country information as well as reach.

Though I am an Indian Blogger, this blog has nearly 40% of its visitors coming from the USA. My server logs show me around 50%.

Traffic Stats for

I am surprised though that the number of visitors in India are only 5% and are fourth in the list of countries. Guess very few of my own country members want to read this blog!

What did surprise me is the Traffic Rank which seems to be highest in Belgium at 14,000! India follows with around 16,000 which is some consolation.

Where are you from?

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  1. Hi Ajay
    I am also from India(Mumbai). I visit periodically. Like to read your writings about blogging & other WP stuff.


  2. Well, I’m sure there are other Indian readers as well… just that the folks from USA outnumber them!

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. from my perspective this alexa stuff is lacking population/universe…

    espessically the new \”traffic to countries analysis\” is window-dressing…

    with regards from germany (your top2 country:-)

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    Well, thank you… do get more of your fellow country men to join you in getting these stats up 🙂

  5. I would be interested to find out what the population comparisons were between the U.S. & India along with the number of people who actually have access to computers and the internet.

    This sort of thing may impact your numbers and provide you with more relevent data. For example, if only 5% of the population in India has access to the internet and 95% of the population in the U.S. have access to the internet, they you may have a much higher percentage of Indian readers than you think…

    What do you think?

  6. @mark
    i agree, but the central population problem with alexa is in an earlier stage..
    … alexa only can count traffic (systems from countries) when useragents/browsers are using their toolbar.

    e.g: i’m from germany and i haven’t installed the alexatoolbar.. … so i’m not within those 7.3% reported \”german visitors\”

    factoring \”country inhabitants\” with \”inhabitants using internet\” would by the next (very interesting) step.
    but without knowing how many user (byCountry) having this toolbar installed all this alexa-traffic-stuff has no significance

    if you have the toolbar installed and you are visiting/editing your site once a day you are going to get a alexa-traffic-rank approx 100000 withing 2 or 3 month.

  7. @Mark, you’ve raised valid points. I believe the percentages above are actually a percent of the whole, i.e. if I had 100 visitors, then 5% is 5 visitors and so on.

    @Arnim, you’re right about that. I don’t have the toolbar installed on my PC. Alexa only tracks those on the toolbar. Actually, they can easily provide users with code to put into their blogs/sites for tracking purposes. I’m sure most will do that.

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