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“Nakabandi” – Terror Inhibitor or Terror Aider

By now all of you must be aware of the Terror Attacks in Mumbai starting 26/11 [Photos]. it’s been one month since then and the actual persons behind it have still to be caught.

This post isn’t about them, but actually about something that I experienced in the last two days. Yesterday, as I headed into town and today on my way back home, I got stuck in traffic that stretched for a few kilometers. Couldn’t figure out why exactly this was until I saw the nakabandi (i.e. roadblocks in Hindi) with police checking taking place.

The result of this was a huge highway being halved in width and a traffic jam a few kilometers in length. Those of you have been to or have lived in Mumbai will know that the jams out here are extremely close knit with a four-lane road actually becoming a five or even six lane one!

While I do understand that a roadblock helps in better checking, but what I don’t understand is how will it prevent a bomb blast.

A traffic jam packed with vehicles stretching across a few kilometers means tonnes of ready-to-explode petrol tanks and several hundred people.

I’m not sure how possible this is, but can’t a single bomb exploding start a chain reaction?

So, is that roadblock helping us stop a terror attack or just increasing the intensity of it?

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4 thoughts on ““Nakabandi” – Terror Inhibitor or Terror Aider”

  1. It depends upon how a person look at the situation. I find you not in favor to this kind of security measure. For me this is good because at least if there is somebody out there who are again planning the same terrorism act, at least he will be warned not to pursue anymore because the government is now very strict in implementing their precautionary measures.

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