New Year, New Look

Had been meaning to change the entire look for this blog on the January 1st, but well, better late than never!

I’ve changed the template of this blog with a new look from scratch. The old template has been there for well over a year (with modifications), and a change was needed.

I have still retained some portion of the sidebar look as it goes well even with the new theme.

I have disabled a good number of plugins, going with my idea of keeping plugins to the minimum.

All posts now include Tabber which was pointed out to me by Everton.

You can now view the related posts, search this site directly, view the next and previous post as well as read more about the post. I also plan on implementing the 10 previous and next posts, however this is more complicated than I envision. Any suggestions?

Some of the icons you see in the footer and the sidebar are from the extremely famous set by

There are still a few colors that need changing around here and expect to see a few more developments out here.

I’m gonna take a short break from the designing. Have been sitting for several hours straight!

And if you notice anything broken, please do let me know.

Lastly, how do you rate this design? Do you have any suggestions on improving it?

Update: I seem to have drawn strong criticism about ads on this site! Well, I have actually reduced the number of ads from before. For one, the Performancing ad has gone. Please note that its the ads that help me keep even or I would have to close down 🙁
I encourage my regular readers to subscribe to my feeds. The only ad you see there is of TLA, and as of this point, it isn’t really an advertisement!

Also added is autodetecting of Opera Widget. Users in Opera will see a small blue button in their address bar for them to subscribe to the widget to keep track of site updates here.

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  1. I’m glad you found something interesting design wise on my site – My heart is swelling with pride lol

  2. To be honest the old template was much better I guess. Also I see ads in every other corner 🙂

  3. Well most of it is great – have a couple of suggestions though (you can call for these).

    And incidentally, why is my blog still Christmassy three days into the new year????

  4. @Venu, hmmm… Ads bring money. I always encourage my regular readers to subscribe. Only a single TLA ad in there, which you can almost ignore.

    @Melody, will get that done 🙂

  5. @Doug, see that’s what I am talking about. Incidently, I actually reduced the number of ads from the old template.
    I must be doing a really bad job in this one that everyone seems to be noticing!

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