New Year Shopping

Went shopping today for stuff for New Year. People usually go for Christmas, however for me Christmas is with my books, so no shopping there.

I bought myself, a new spectacles frame, with anti-glare lens. This isn’t exactly for Xmas or New Year, but the timing is good. I also plan on buying myself contact lens after I narrow down on my choice. (Sadly  🙁 I will have to pay for this, but I believe it an invest worth making)

Next on the list was a trouser matching my blazer. Went off to Cambridge in Andheri West to buy one (same place I bought the blazer from). We found one, but being the tally I am, I needed to find something longer or get it stitched. I settled for the latter option. Bought a pant piece exactly matching my blazer and gave it to my regular tailor of stitching. I get it on the 30th, which is in time for New Year. I wonder why I am doing this, because in all probability I may be at home bringing the New Year, with my beloved PC.

Next on the list was getting my passport photos done. So I got the 24 for Rs. 20/- at a photostudio in Andheri West.

Thats when I remembered that I needed a pair of black shoes. Stepped into Woodland, where I found no range and beyond budget. So, went off to BATA, where I bought a really neat set of leather shoes.

Picked off a DIC book from my cousin Seema and then headed back home.

And here I am giving you the news of the day.

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