Nominate my sites for Indibloggies


Some of you may be aware that the Indibloggies awards are accepting Nominations. I have put both Ajay – On the Road called Life and Techtites up for nomination.

Nominating the blog is simple. It would be great if you can nominate my sites as well. All you need to do is add the blogs to with a set of tags.

The links below will assist you in this. Please use the Required Tags so that the nomination is recognized.

Nominate Ajay – On the Road called Life
Required Tags: ib06 ib06BestIndiblog ib06SciTech ib06Design

Nominate Techtites
Required Tags: ib06 ib06SciTech ib06Tagline ib06New ib06BestIndiblog

Feel free to add you’re own tags when adding the bookmarks.

Thank you very much!

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4 thoughts on “Nominate my sites for Indibloggies”

  1. done both dude.
    good luck. ajay, i think u r leading with the tech site in its category. with little more effort, you can do this buddy.
    i’ll post it on my blog.

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