Just upgraded my computer once again by adding a 200GB Maxtor Serial ATA hard disk drive now bringing my total hard disk space to 360GB.

The reason I finally took this decision was because once again my Samsung 160GB developed bad sectors. In addition to getting a replacement I realized that it was high time I got myself another drive.

Had originally wanted to go in for a Seagate or a Western Digital, however due to their non-availability went in for the Maxtor. It’s reputed so I am not complaining.

Well ofcourse that means a lot of reinstalling to do. However, considering that Windows XP Pro installs in 15minutes, I don’t have much to complain about 🙂

Faced problems last night with the installation as my net was down (as usual). Things are back online now, so have resumed the work.

Ohh… btw I’m typing this blog entry by booting from my Old HDD (the wonders of SATA, or did I not know I could do this before)

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  1. You do realize your post says you added a 200gb hdd bringing it to a total of 160gb, right? 200gb is more than 160gb last time I checked =P

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