October Rain

Went off to church yesterday with Madam A for the church fete. Just as we were about to walk in it started drizzling. Without thinking much about it, we bought our passes and headed in.

Five minutes later it started pouring! This meant an early end to the fete and wasted tickets. Honestly, I had gone there just to eat since with no one at home, food is an issue. But, having reached there late plus the rains that plan was scrapped (lack of good food).

Went to Peninsula with Madam A and Amita and ate well there. Reached home and went to bed past 11pm which of course meant my hope to sleep early didn’t work out.

Woke up late today and reached a bit late to work. Things are better now, so hoping to leave on time today. Have to get my bike chain guard fixed. And the fete today as well…

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