Wrap Up

Not much going on in this world with me. Been sitting and studing late in college past week. Haven’t done much though. Today is the Electronics Instrumentation test and I don’t see myself doing very well there.

A few days back, I won a 3 month subscription to Digit for participating in a Samsung Contest.

Been checking out my MegaThemes stats. It really has been picking up traffic. I get over a hundred hits a day and more than 100 downloads I day. The more famous, the better it is for me 🙂

Have to go to IIT tommorrow for project work and lots of work has to be done prior to that, which means whole of today and tommorrow morning will be exhausted.

Have a great day!

The day today

Today was a decently spaced day. I finally figured out why my computer was giving problems. I had deleted many of the default OS fonts and because of this reason, the computer GUI looked pathetic. Found that out by chance. Luckily I had a backup, or else, I would have had to reformat and reinstall 🙂

Went to college for the inauguration of Electronics Students Association (ESA) of my college. Mine, Nikhil’s and Saurabh’s names were read out as part of the list of students winning at inter-collegiate level, for our paper presentation wins at Isaac 2003 (Oct 5) and at the R. Shankar Paper contest on April 5th. Mine was also read out for my winning the Web-design contest with Elroy at Isaac 2001 and Isaac 2003 😀

I also signed up for Surf Union which is a webmaster forum for Indian Developers.

Another great day draws to a close and one more long day tommorrow. Have lots of writing work to do tommorrow. But then thats what engineering is all about 🙁

Double Win at ISAAC 2003

Today was a great day. I went for the contests at ISAAC 2004, TSEC’s inter-collegiate festival.
Won the webdesigning contest with Elroy. He did a fabulous job handing it, while ran between the paper presentation and the web design contest.
The we got the news of winning the Paper Presentation. Of a total of 244 teams, we won the first place. No mean achievement. Great thanks to Nikhil and Saurabh and for the great support they gave me.

More contests to come and hope we win there as well.

Good night now. Got a big day ahead. Several experiments of MOC to be written as well as a MicroProcessor exam to give in college tommorrow.


The good, the bad, the ugly

Gave the GRE today.
Maths 800/800, but sadly Verbal 450/800.
Hopefully I get a good score in the essays.

The great news is that me, my friends Nikhil and Saurabh have qualified for the paper presentation finals at ISAAC. Our topic Steganography has already won the 3rd place at the IEEE Bombay Section Paper Presentation on April 5th.

The webdesign contest is also on Sunday at the same time. Fingers are crossed for both. I think I should be able to manage them inspite of the time clashing.

Signing off now,
Ajay 🙂

My New Blog!

Today, October 1, 2003. I just installed my new blog using WordPress.
This is the start of a long-awaiting personal website. I am still thinking on a a name for the site, however, I wanted to create a semi-formal site and hence believe this blog will add the informality to my normally professional sites.

I am not much of a writer, so I may be writing about once a week or whenever in the mood.
Will close this short entry about now, as I not have to go to bed. There’s a long day ahead tommorrow (though it is already today) and I need to be a little fresh for it.