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    The Composer Mell

    Melody had given me a CD released by Tabor Ashram called Rain on Me. I listened to the songs today and they are so beautiful that you have to listen to them. These will be released on the 5th of December, this Friday :grin:. Melody has written the lyrics and composed the music of seven of the eleven songs. Way to go girl :). Keep up ther good work of the Lord.

  • Computers & Technology

    Search results on Google.com

    I always marvel at the results I get when searching for my name at Google.com. Below are the results of the search using various combinations of my name. Google Search: “Ajay DSouza” Google Search: “Ajay D’Souza” You will notice the first few page results all pertain to me. Ok! I am being totally immodest, but isn’t this a real cool achievement :):?:

  • Work

    Great Viva Today

    For maybe first time in a long time, I came out after my vivas with a big smile on my face. Lets start from the beginning. I woke up early today (7.30 am), guess Viva tension. As usual, I began the day with my regular browsing and mail checking, but finished it off early (by 8.30 am). Then got ready and went off to college. Reached college and realized that the vivas had just begun. Due to roll number change I had to go in sixth, with Ashish. Walked in and took a seat. The first question the external examiner asked us was to draw the spectrum of Flat Top…

  • Work

    The tension mounts

    I really wonder what I am doing online and writing this post. I got my DCOMM vivas tommorrow. I am done quite a bit of the portion, but as these are vivas you never know what can be asked. My 7th sem exams have been postponed to the 16th of December, so it gives us one extra week to study, which is very good 🙂 I better get back to my studies, will post tommorrow the result of the vivas.

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    Vivas soon

    My DComm vivas dates are out and it will be held on the 27th of November. This is really sad, because it is going to make things real hard for us. We have a lot of studing to do and DCOMM is a really tough subject. All works for the best though. Nikhil, Abhimanyu and I sit in college everyday and study DCOMM. If we get our portion completed before the vivas then it will be smooth sailing (finger’s crossed) for the exams. Big day tomorrow (don’t I always end my posts with this?). Signing off. Good night.

  • Computers & Technology,  Personal

    A New Site . . and a new friend

    Thanks to my dear friend Clayton’s dad, Colin, I have been introduced to a real sweet, holy girl Melody. She wanted her website Glorify-God redone and Clayton’s dad suggested me to her. So she contacted me and I visted her at her awesome house behind Mehboob studios in Bandra. She had already selected a template and all I had to do was modify it quite a bit. The modification work has been complete. However my ‘fantastic’ ISP blocks the Ensim admin panel used to manage her site and hence I am compelled to finish of the work at her place this Saturday. I have asked her a hefty price for…

  • Blogging,  Personal

    New Blog and New site

    Finally AjayDSouza.com has come online 🙂 The site is still in its preliminary stages. I have to still add the tutorials and dreamweaver section. But the rest of it is online 🙂 I had to move the blog however. I have upgraded the old blog to a newer version and have successfully recovered my old posts :D. Got a lot of vivas and tests and submissions in the coming week, so this is going to be really hectic. 7th sem vivas are before the exams, which is gonna be trouble some 🙁 All the best to me 😀

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