• Jokes

    Some Christmas Jokes

    Christmas is coming! Here are some jokes to liven up the spirit. Picked these up from DistantHelp Forums, where I am a moderator. What do you get if you cross Father Christmas with a detective ? Santa Clues ! Father Christmas wins a saucepan in a competition. Now thats what you call pot luck ! What do the reindeer sing to Father Christmas on his birthday ? Freeze a jolly good fellow ! What do you call a man who claps at Christmas ? Santapplause ! Twinkle Twinkle chocolate bar Santa drives a rusty car Press the starter Press the choke Off he goes in a cloud of smoke !…

  • Personal

    He’s got the look

    I went and collected my Contact Lens today 🙂 I am really impressed by them. Since this is the first time I am wearing contacts, I do feel like something in my eye. However, I am sure this feeling will soon go once I get used to it. I will have to go next Saturday to get my eyes checked with contacts. Went off to meet Melody. Afterall, I had to give my bestest friend the first glimpse of me 😉 Got back and now filling up this blog. I have to go for mass in the evening followed by my darling cousin Alisha’s communion party 🙂 Exams start in…

  • Personal

    Expensive day!!

    Today was a rather boring and expensive day. Went to college to collect my DCOM notes from Abhimanyu and ended up studing for sometime. Next, decided to go shopping. Needed to buy glares (thanks to Melody for correcting me here) to use while riding. I am a self-confessed horrible shopper. But, I still set off to Oscars at Irla and that was a big mistake. Should have gone to Lokhandwala. Anyways, parked the Kinetic there and walked in to Oscars. Fifteen minutes later, I walk out with glares (nice set indeed :O) and bodyspray, to find my Kinetic missing. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it had…

  • Personal

    New Year Shopping

    Went shopping today for stuff for New Year. People usually go for Christmas, however for me Christmas is with my books, so no shopping there. I bought myself, a new spectacles frame, with anti-glare lens. This isn’t exactly for Xmas or New Year, but the timing is good. I also plan on buying myself contact lens after I narrow down on my choice. (Sadly  🙁 I will have to pay for this, but I believe it an invest worth making) Next on the list was a trouser matching my blazer. Went off to Cambridge in Andheri West to buy one (same place I bought the blazer from). We found one,…

  • General

    Dear Santa

    Found a cute link from a comment on Melody’s blog. It is called Dear Santa You have to fill in a huge list of details and it frames a really funny letter. Here’s mine below 🙂 Dear Santa, I have been a good boy. It really wasn’t my fault what happened at Melody‘s Christmas party. It was Elvis who spiked the punch with too much tequila. I can’t help it if I drank 12 glasses. It was so good—smelled and tasted just like axe. I thought it was funny when I put Clayton‘s shirt on my head and danced the jive on the sofa while singing ‘Say a little prayer…

  • General

    Naughty or Nice

    Trust Melody to find something funny! She found this Naughty and Nice rating. Well here’s mine. What’s really amusing is that I got two different ratings with and without the ‘ in my name. Below are both the images. I really am Super Nice and

  • Personal

    A great weekend

    I won’t give a detailed explanation of my weekend, but just provide a short description. Saturday was a kinda long day. Helped Melody and her family to setup their Christmas tree and decorations. These people start early. It also happened to be her mom’s b’day, so I wished her. Also worked on Glorify-God.com to finalize certain details. Sunday, was also at Melody’s place. She had a “Chicago” party where, we setup a big screen, with projector and dvd player! Elvis, Delilah & Warren were also present along with me, Melody and Simone. It was truely an awesome experience, watching that fantastic movie on a large screen. Then four of us…

  • Work


    The Microprocessor 3 vivas took place yesterday. They did not happen as I would have liked them to, however, they weren’t all that bad either! I had the vivas with Ashish and Vidyasagar and we were the fourth batch to go in. The examiner was a female who knew her stuff very well and which was detrimental for us 🙁 We were quizzed on Paging, Virtual 8086 and Protection, where we gave ‘satisfactory’ answers. Anyways thats one more down. Now the exams and the project vivas to go. There’s MOC to learn 😕 and EI as well. Thats in this week. (fingers crossed tight)

  • Personal

    The Composer Mell

    Melody had given me a CD released by Tabor Ashram called Rain on Me. I listened to the songs today and they are so beautiful that you have to listen to them. These will be released on the 5th of December, this Friday :grin:. Melody has written the lyrics and composed the music of seven of the eleven songs. Way to go girl :). Keep up ther good work of the Lord.

  • Computers & Technology

    Search results on Google.com

    I always marvel at the results I get when searching for my name at Google.com. Below are the results of the search using various combinations of my name. Google Search: “Ajay DSouza” Google Search: “Ajay D’Souza” You will notice the first few page results all pertain to me. Ok! I am being totally immodest, but isn’t this a real cool achievement :):?:

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