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    New Website

    After the closing down of DistantHost, I have been forced to shift to paid hosting. So that’s exactly what I have done. Bought a $40/yr package from Dr2.net after recommendations from friends at SurfUnion Also purchased the domain AjayDSouza.com from GoDaddy for $8.75/yr Now all that remains is designing the site around it. This blog is also being shifted there as I post. I can use the space at Mg2 for some other site of mine 🙂 Will keep posting updates as the site progresses.

  • Work

    The TOEFL given

    I gave the TOEFL today. Got a range of 240 – 297 😀 . That was really unexpected and extremely good considering I started studing for it yesterday evening. Sadly I made one mistake in the Reading section 🙁 Only careful attention had to be paid to the Listening section, though I finished it with plenty of time to spare. The Structure section was a breeze, while the reading section did take a lot of time, which again is not a problem as you are given ample amount of time for these. Got a simple essay, whose topic I will not disclose (remember we had to sign a CBT Confidentiality…

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    The day today

    Today was a decently spaced day. I finally figured out why my computer was giving problems. I had deleted many of the default OS fonts and because of this reason, the computer GUI looked pathetic. Found that out by chance. Luckily I had a backup, or else, I would have had to reformat and reinstall 🙂 Went to college for the inauguration of Electronics Students Association (ESA) of my college. Mine, Nikhil’s and Saurabh’s names were read out as part of the list of students winning at inter-collegiate level, for our paper presentation wins at Isaac 2003 (Oct 5) and at the R. Shankar Paper contest on April 5th. Mine…

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