• Work

    College Website coming soon!

    Like I mentioned below, I was pulled out of bed at 10.30 am on this beautiful 1st morning. 10.30 am wouldnt be so much of a problem, but after a tiring New Year, it was a bit too early. My dad told me that some professor was calling. I picked up the phone (half asleep as I did it) to find Dayanand Ambavade sir at the other end of it. He informed me that I was on the list to design the college website and if it was possible to reach by 11! I said 11.15 and so got ready quickly and rushed off to college. In college I found…

  • Personal

    Happy New Year

    It’s 6pm on the 1st of Jan 2004, while I sit to update my blog. Why so late? This is because, I got a call at 10.30 to drop into college. More in the post above. The reason of this post, is to provide an update on my fantastic New Year. Let’s begin with the 31st. I went to Nikhil’s place with Abhimanyu to work on the presentation for our project vivas. My mom called me around 5 pm to tell me I got a call from Sister Lima. I call her back and she tells me that she wants me to read for the Thanksgiving service before midnight mass.…

  • Personal

    Bad Movie Decision

    I have always made most of the movie decisions whenever, I chose to go out for a movie. However, this time I went terribly terribly wrong. As planned, I met Melody and her friends Elvis and Delilah and we set off for Imax Adlabs in Wadala to watch Santa vs. the Snowman. Elvis booked the tickets (Rs. 125/- each). We walked into it and I was kinda blown away entering in. The place is simply amazing. Walking into the dome was another fabulous experience. I did feel a bit giddy climbing the stares and a sense of imbalance. However we soon found a very comfortable place (after shifting once). Initially,…

  • Personal

    A New Television

    We have finally bought a new television. After researching and visiting a lot of stores, we narrowed down to Plugin, which is near my place. We purchased the Samsung CZ-21K5 (don’t ask me what this stands for) Features include: Pure Flat TV 200 Programs 300W PMPO 5 Band Graphic Equalizer Basically, it’s packed with many features. However, I have just DD1 and DDNews, i.e. no cable and so having 200 channels is kinda useless. Maybe in the distant future… I still have to connect my VCD Player to the TV so that finally I can watch my VCDs on the TV instead of the computer. Not much going on otherwise,…

  • Personal

    Love Actually is all around?

    Today was a really great day. I took Nandita out for a movie followed by pizzas. I am sure she had a great time. Nandita happens to be the daughter of my mom’s good friend. They migrated to New Zealand in 2001 and Nandita is down here with her brother Santosh for holidays after 3 years. I asked her out yesterday and she said despite being totally surprised that “I” could ask someone out. We went off to watch Love Actually at Fame Adlabs. It is a beautiful movie displaying how beautiful love actually is. Love actually is all around us. It starred Hugh Grant, who I think is such…

  • Personal

    Merry Christmas !!!

    Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas!! Come 24th December for the last two years, only brought a little cheer with a lot of exam fear and so the occasion wasn’t all that enjoyable. However, this year, the major papers are over and the next is on 29th and so it was . . . . . . . . . PARTY TIME :O:O I began the 24th with going to Worli to the passport office to renew my passport. It was real timepass, as I rode to Worli by Kinetic with my dad. This is my second trip to Worli and I seem to be getting used to it! The passport…

  • Personal

    Exam & Movie

    I had the MOC exam today. One which gave all of us a great tensions. I was so tensed yesterday that studing became really difficult. Then my dear friend Melody called up and prayed for me, which was so nice of her. Helped ease a lot of tension. Breaking my original routine, I said 2 additional prayers. This was besides the usual Students Prayer that I say. The paper was totally fabulous. No derivations came, so I was really lucky. I was able to attempt a lot of questions and am totally pleased with my performance in the paper. We were so pleased that we went off to watch Munna…

  • Computers & Technology

    LOTR Theme wins again

    It gives me great pleasure to announce that my desktop theme entitled Lord of the Rings Desktop Theme has once again won the covetted Ezthemes Theme-Of-The-Day award for 22-12-2003, taking the tally to 79 days. The Lord of the Rings Desktop Theme is currently the highest downloaded desktop theme for the year 2003 with nearly 150,000 downloads. You can check the stats Winning this award, has once again put the theme on the winner page. It has been winning this award time and again right from 22-03-2002, which means nearly 2 years. 😀 If you haven’t yet downloaded it, you can get it from here

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