Parish Weekend

Had the Parish Feast over the weekend, and so spent both Saturday and Sunday evenings out there.

Saturday’s function included several dances and other performances. Evening went by rather quick and was home by around 9.30 itself.

Earlier in the day, I went to Melody‘s place to continue work on the Mediacenter site.

Awoke nice and late on Sunday morning. Watched two movies during the day and then went off for mass and the family meal around 6pm.

Mass was short and sweet and the meal followed. Quite a good concept, where the parishoners get together and share a meal.

After the meal, went off with the choir folks to Soft Corner for ice cream.

Was back home by 11 pm. When you need to work the next day, you need to get home early 🙁

Today’s work was rather fulfilling. Was able to successfully setup both of my systems. Had used the wrong cables on Friday, and was able to figure that out today. System is now up and running under test.

Am really enjoying work here at Larsen & Toubro. Learning quite a bit and am implementing what I learn. A mixture of Electronics and Computers is something that I hoped and now have it:O

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