Finally, the big day, we all have been waiting for a long long time:O Picnic day 😀

Awoke at 5 am today and got ready to leave. The bus left by 6.30 and the ride to Kharjat was simply amazing. It started raining at a time and loved the spray through the open window!

We reached the place by 8.30 and it was kindoff a let down at first, as it was still under development and the big pool wasn’t ready, though the small one was.

After breakfast, we had team games, and my team won and we got cute keychains😉

We then played football. I never play the game, but it sure was fun doing so today, though I was totally exhausted by the end of it.

After football, we decided to take a dip in the small pool. The water was lovely and we were there till lunch. By the end of it, I managed to reach the other end of the pool swimming (at least a bit :roll:)

We played a bit of badminton, but since the raquets and court weren’t great, I jumped back into the pool.

Lunch was tasty, and we had a round of carrom after it (another game I can’t play!).

Since A. Anita pulled us out for dancing and just when I started to jive, Clayton decided to start the crappy music, Adriel, Allwyn and I decided to play throwball and others joined later.

During tea, Clayton decided to play slow music (finally!). So, I asked Madam A to dance. And that got a lot of the others on the floor as well.

Decided to take a dip again and with U. Conrad‘s help, I floated on the surface of the water for quite a while.
We played Donkey-Donkey with the ball in the pool and it was good timepass, until it was time to leave.

Journey back was fun and I sang my heart (atleast the voice) out and now its gone (the voice that is):O

I’m exhausted, but couldnt resist the temptation of posting the details of the picnic here. Sadly, I don’t know if I can manage any snaps:(

Had a great time on the whole and it definitely wasn’t a let down. Back to routine tomorrow:smile:

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  1. Football as in the circle ball?(soccer) or u mean football as the Canadian/American Football? just curious

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