Problems with my Internet

Have been facing really pathetic internet connections this past two days.

As per my experience with Exatt, when it is down it is down and when it works it works. Will admit that the uptime has improved considerably the past few months, but I think they are going back into the pit again.

The last time I faced a major problem was back in July.

This time, the net went down on Wednesday night. It connected perfectly but there was some problem from their server … gateway failure they called it.

Usuall this gets resolved quickly, but this time it didn’t get resolved till yesterday (Thursday) evening, or so we thought.

We found out that there is some kind of firewall or similar active which is blocking a lot of outgoing ports.

Additionaly I’m getting around 40-50kbps instead of the 128k (yes my non-Indian readers, this is slow! But, this is India)

It has been this way all of today. I feel they have just given us a temporary solution. Will call them up tomorrow to find out what the issue is.

On the bright side, atleast I can check my email and blog, though it is painfully slow 🙁

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  1. I have a 10/10mbit connection at home. To push my ISP a bit I have it monitored through and forward all downtime and response time information to my ISP saying they have to shape up 🙂

  2. Hi david,

    Unfortunately this will never work with my ISP. They wouldn’t care and I wouldn’t be in a position to do anything. As for legal action… it’s impossible in this country!

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