Punctured Tyres, Horrid Traffic and Heavy Rains

We had barely travelled two kilometres from office yesterday when we heard a huge hissing sound, only to find that the back tyre of our bus had punctured.
Probably because of some pointed stone on the extremely rundown, pothole-ridden road.

It meant a good wait of nearly half an hour while our driver and his helper changed the tyre.

That also resulted in getting heavy traffic all the way home 🙁

Reached home a little before 9pm, extremely bored, tired and sleepy.

Headed over to the bank this after and later picked up a whole bunch of CDs on my way home. The prices sure have fallen since the last time I bought CDs.

It’s been pouring all of today. Slept a good deal in the afternoon. Am going to skip class today because whole of MVLU must be under water by now !!!

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