Review: iRemotePC – Remote Support Service

I’m back with another sponsored review, this time of iRemotePC – Remote Support Service.

iRemotePC is a web based remote assistance product for IT technicians and especially useful for product/software vendors to remotely support their clients and customers. The service allows them to remotely control clients PCs with ease and fully encrypted security without pre-installing any software on the remote side.


As usual, I signed up for the service and gave it a test drive.

Signing Up

Signing up is quick and I received the welcome email immediately. They don’t have any email verification process during the signup process and your account is immediately activated.

On signing in for the first time, you are presented a survey which you can choose to fill or skip for later.

You are given five support tickets to use when you signup. Additional tickets can be purchased at $5/ticket or you can also opt for monthly or yearly subscriptions for unlimited tickets (useful if you have more than 10 tickets a month)

Starting Up

Before you begin, I suggest you read the walkthrough that explains how the entire system works.

I decided to test the service myself and being equipped with a laptop ensured that I could play the role of both the technician and the client. An additional test is that the laptop runs Windows Vista and is also connected to the internet via a proxy server.

I decided to play the technician on the laptop and the client on my PC.

Step 1 – Create a Support Ticket

I logged in as a technician and created a support ticket which I sent to my alternate email.

Create Ticket

Once you create the ticket you will be given the option of launching a session. You can also do this later. An email is also sent to both you and the client with the link the client needs to use to launch a session.

Ticket Created

Step 2 – Client Responds

The client clicks the link in the email and starts the process of launching the iRemotePC Support session.
This involves him entering a chat room which the technician has access to as well as launching the temporary client application.

Client Views the Ticket and starts Remote Session

When the client chooses to start the session, he will be prompted to download a 444KB file that will then download and run the main client. This client application is another 2.8MB, so if you are on a slower connection, be prepared to wait a while. However, you can use the same application again in the future by simply entering a new ticket ID.

Select what features you want to allow the technician acces to Waiting for session

Step 3 – The Technician Controls

The technician can then launch his own session and he can connect to the client’s PC.

Technicians Screen

I ran through all the tabs. The Diagnostics tab allows you to view the disk space, processes, time and registry among other functions.

The Remote Monitor tab is redundant when you also have access using the Remote Control which is the most powerful feature of this application. I was able to control my PC from my laptop completely. It was as if I was sitting in front of my PC. Additionally, the actions were immediate as iRemotePC links your two PCs directly and not via the iRemotePC server (though if this fails then the iRemotePC server comes into the picture).

I also tried the File Transfer tab to transfer the above screenshot to the PC from where I am blogging.

I ended the session on both systems and deleted the ticket… I now have four tickets with me.

Overall View

iRemotePC – Remote Support does what it promises and does it well. The application is quick to use and easy to understand from both technician and client point of view which makes it a major plus point.

The pricing is something that a technician or the Support Company will have to evaluate for themselves.
If you are getting occasional tickets, i.e. less than 10 per month then you can buy tickets adhoc at $5/mo. However, if you are getting more than 10 per month, you can go in for a monthly subscription. Buying a yearly subscription saves you around USD100.

Additionally, you will also have to make sure you’re charging your clients more than that!

One point that I am critical about is the Ticket Validity Period which can be a max of 24 hours. From my understanding beyond 24 hours you will need to create a new ticket. It would be better if the technician decides how long to keep the tickets valid, or the sessions can be launched until the ticket is closed.


iRemotePC also has a referral program that allows you to earn $50 per referral.

So, if you do plan on using this service, do signup using my referal id.

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7 thoughts on “Review: iRemotePC – Remote Support Service”

  1. It is good and fast. I started using the remote pc service which is free for upto two PCs. I like the fact it establishes a direct pc-pc link, speeds up transfers on a network.

  2. Have you tried I’ve used them for over a year now and it has worked absolutely great. The best thing about it is it is free! They also have a free vpn solution called Hamachi. If you haven’t already heard of them you should check it out.

  3. Yes, after trying this I tried

    I noticed that LogMeIn was slower even though both PCs are directly connected and even use the same internet connection.

    I’ve heard of Hamachi, but hadn’t given that a shot.

  4. Thanks for posting about this. I’ve been on again off again searching for a remote tool that does a good job with tickets/support requests. From the sounds of it, this should do exactly what I’m looking for…

  5. I hv been using Logmein for my freelance supporting. But I must try ths iRemote PC. Infact going to check it now.

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