Review: Telemarketer Catcher

The following is a paid review of Telemarketer Catcher.

Does any of these sound familiar? “So-and-so bank offers you a free lifetime credit card” or “Would you like a personal loan of …” or “You have been selected for a special vacation.”

Almost all of us have been disturbed by the shrill ringing of our telephone only to realize that the important call we’ve been expecting is in fact the call of an overly zealous telemarketer just trying to do his/her job at the cost of our irritation.

Here in India it is terrible, and I understand it is even worse in the USA. Even the Do Not Call registry is unable to successfully stop every single call.

Enter Launced in 2008 Telemarketer Catcher is a public forum for people to share information about telemarketers. Telemarketer Catcher claims to have the largest list of known or suspected telemarketers, and that users are constantly adding new suspected marketers to the list.

You can use the site to look up a number and determine whether it’s a marketer, or more importantly to publish your own complaint as a warning to others.

I haven’t been able to test the effectiveness of this service, simply because I’m not from the US. Hence, I would love to hear feedback from readers from that region on how effective this actually is in catching telemarketers.

Were you able to find and stop any? How accurate is the database? Have you reported any telemarketers?

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2 thoughts on “Review: Telemarketer Catcher”

  1. Thanks for the tip! Here in the US, I have been on the \”do not call\” list for years (and I do renew it yearly), but they still call me. And it always seems to be during dinner…

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