ReviewMe: First Impressions


ReviewMe officially launched today.

And with their launch the very first site that you are offered to review is ReviewMe itself and hence this review.

What is ReviewMe

ReviewMe, backed by Text Link Ads, works with Advertisers and Bloggers.

Bloggers are hired by Advertisers to write reviews about their services. Reviews start at $40 which is a one time fee.

How do you get paid

The obvious ofcourse. You need to write a review. The minimum requirement for writing a review is that it should be atleast 200 words. This shouldn’t be a problem if you are writing a detailed review, which is what an advertiser should expect.

You receive 50% of the payment for the review. Hence, bloggers can get paid from $20.00 to $200.00 for each completed review.

ReviewMe pays you either by PayPal or by Check. I’ve chosen the PayPal option. I can’t comment on a payment, because this is my first review. I will update this post or post a new one based once I get a payment 🙂

One significant difference about ReviewMe from other pay-per-review sites is that they ask you to mention that the review is a paid review, which you shall see at the end of this post.

Signing up

The signup process is extremely simple and quick. I was surprised that there was no email verification, though you do receive a signup email.

Getting Started

On signing up I added this blog to the system. Your blog is rated based on your Alexa Rank, Technorati rank and your estimated feed subscribers. I am not sure how the estimate the feed subscribers.
I was also a bit disappointed because I got only a 2/5 for my Technorati rank and my rank is in the top 400!
It strangely also writes it as (N/A). I have written to ReviewMe and am awaiting their reply.

Also, I am not sure if this rating gets automatically updated as your blog popularity changes.

First Impressions

The interface is extremely easy to use, easy to read and highly functional. So you won’t have problems adding your site, editting it or submitting your reviews.

You also have an RSS Feed for your account which tells you the latest happening in your account.
However, this feed is not password protected hence it is best to keep the feed to yourself.

Things I would like to see

  • Top on my list is the ability to update your ranking, or an auto change when your blog popularity changes.
  • More documentation. The site lacks an About page, FAQ, Privacy Policy etc. as of now. Getting help is a little difficult as a result.

Why would you use ReviewMe

Let me close this review by answering this question. I saved it for the last on purpose.

Firstly, the Why? page on ReviewMe should be sufficient to answer that question.

But, to answer in short, for small business startups which struggle to get the word out, this is a good way to get people to blog about your product.
While I usually believe a product should speak for itself, publicity is never a bad thing.

Additionally, you would want to get the word out from more influential bloggers.

For bloggers, this works well because it is a good way to earn some additional cash, especially when you would possibly have reviewed it in the first place 🙂

Lets end the review here. Why don’t you signup for yourself, submit your blog. Do comment below with feedback for your experiences.

And if you hurry, you can get to review ReviewMe as part of their $25,000 giveaway.

Note: This post is a paid review of ReviewMe

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7 thoughts on “ReviewMe: First Impressions”

  1. Hi AJ,

    I agree that more work is needed. I wrote about it here.

    I had the same N/A technorati 2 star problem you had, and submitted a bug report. My guess is that Technorati was \”temporarily unavailable\” (as usual) when we added our blogs.

  2. Hi engtech,

    A bug report has been filed by the ReviewMe team for me.
    I don’t think Technorati was down. It could probably be some bug in the lookup.

    My review just got approved 🙂

  3. The review was approved. They payments happen once a month, so I will come to know only in another 15 or so days.

    What explanation would you like to have?

  4. Hello ajay,
    Im shash from hyderabad.This is the first time i’ve come to your site and i should say i really like your blog.I have bookmarked your site.I have joined review me very recently and i have done my first review which got approved.Now the problem is,i have read in your site that we can set our own review price as a blogger .But when i went to my \”manage my sites\” tab i dont see any price set for my blog to click on nor i see any option to set my own price.Could you explain this.

    Thank you

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